ComBus® Lite

The communication tool for smaller groups of mobile workers

Entropia offers you the best way of communicating, via TETRA, between smaller groups of mobile workers connected to a central control room or dispatch centre. This is an ideal solution for ‘mission critical’ communication and has a lower entry cost for control rooms that connect with up to 20 radios or mobile radios.

Reliability is essential
Professional users must be able to rely on the security and availability of their communication. That is why we devote special attention to making the system as reliable as possible.

Security is key
The ComBus® Lite control room has been developed so you can respond in the best possible manner to critical situations where the emphasis is on the safety of mobile workers.

ComBus® Lite is one of the ComBus® solutions offered by Entropia.

• configurable package;
• redundancy through back-up;
• simple and efficient;
• open platform.

Smooth communication and tracing are guaranteed through various functions:
• sending and receiving of status messages and pre-defined messages;
• various types of calls are supported, such as regular calls, priority calls, emergency calls and group calls;
• user-friendly configuration management;
• GPS replay, request extra GPS position;
• reports through GPS and messages log.