Digital communication

Entropia Digital is a mobile company telecommunication network that consists at the present of more than 240 masts and in which each mast is connected to digital radio links.

The network is meant for the professional end user and is constantly provided with extra capacity. The trunking technique allows optimal radio traffic between both speech as data communication between radiotelephones, walkie-talkies and data modems and towards a central point through a highly secured data center.

The concept of joint use belongs to the past and a customer doesn’t have to invest in network infrastructure. They continue investing in the extension of the digital coverage area in Belgium and the Netherlands. At request Entropia installs a part of its network infrastructure at territories of end users so that they can offer a strong coverage on the territory of the customer.

A network is subject to different parameters such as weather, radio propagation, coverage area and so on. Entropia guards its networks 24/24 – 7/7. The service is offered in the form of a subscription.

The network of Entropia is appropriate for different applications of digital communication in speech and data such as One-to-many, One-to-One, M2M, Short data trafic, Telemetry applications, sending and receiving measuring data and so on.