Entropia goes digital with Private Investors

Entropia is a digital mobile telecommunications network company for the professional user and is based in Belgium and the Netherlands. By applying the digital trunking radio communication, technology is optimized for both voice and data communications between users and a central point, the control room.

Entropia currently covers more than 50,000 km ² in Belgium and the Netherlands. Sharing is eliminated and a customer does not have to invest in network infrastructure. In recent years, the digital technology became mature. Entropia focuses on recurring services and flat-fee subscriptions. The subscription can be tailored to the average usage per month, the coverage in Belgium and / or the Netherlands and the necessary facilities. The subscription includes a generally flat-rate fee per month and per network connection (subscriber). This allows the user to be running for a longer period in advance and no surprises, budgeting.

Expansion of activities

The investment fits the strategy of Entropia Digital activities in the telecommunications industry to expand. Entropia is building its digital cellular network in Belgium and the Netherlands. Also, a further impetus to the activities in the field of software services in the form of SaaS (Software as a Service).

Why invest in Entropia?

Entropia is the leading provider of digital voice & data communications services across a vast area in Belgium and the Netherlands. The technology is robust and standard according to the European ETSI standard. 

  • Strong opportunities for growth,
  • High EBITDA,
  • Unique in Belgium and the Netherlands,
  • Technology in-house,
  • Transparent service model for professional users,
  • Manageable from remote,
  • Focus on recurring services,
  • Exclusive Telecom licenses renewed by the government (2011) for 10 years,
  • For over one hundred business clients connected (see references)
  • Proven technology and rugged,
  • More than 20 years of experience,
  • ...
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