Map-in-map visualisation

Mapping visualisation of your industrial estate

With ComBus® Map-in-Map you will always know exactly where all your employees are on your industrial estate at any time of the day, thus enhancing their safety and optimising the deployment of staff.

Instant overview of all employees on your Industrial estate

A detailed map of your site is integrated into the ComBus® mapping system, which means you will be able to instantly see where your employees are in the buildings or other key locations on the site. Key locations can be highlighted on the map, so that any employees that are registered in the system can be tracked and contacted at the push of a button.
The standard module enables your main switchboard to conduct highly specific and efficient communication with your mobile employees. 

Real Time

The ComBus® Map-in-Map module provides real time visualisation of the exact location on your site of all employees who have an Entropia device using a GPS module.

Safety first

ComBus® Map-in-Map was developed to enable dispatchers to provide an optimal response in critical situations, and is ideal for all situations where employees are spread out across a wide area, such as ports, forests and parks, industrial estates, event sites, security areas, or areas with telemetry applications.

Clear visualisation

In the event of an emergency, the dispatcher can instantly see the exact position of an employee on the map.
This means the dispatcher is able to respond and act both immediately and effectively.