Entropia subscriptions can be purchased with or without private mobile radios (according to classification IP-67) or radiodevices. You can choose a local subscription (on your business premises) or a national subscription. Based on feature requirements, our subscriptions are available in five packages with increasing levels of functionality.

1.  LITE
  The Lite package is intended for businesses who need to communicate between a maximum of 3 groups of users over a longer distance. This package allows your employees to communicate quickly (connection speed within 300 ms).
  Choose the Basic package if you need to communicate in up to seven groups. This package also provides the ability to communicate using short text messages (e.g. status messages). The private mobile radios are equipped with GPS and emergency button, enabling employees to be located in case of emergency. This requires a Combus® control room to be implemented.
  The Professional package is intended for businesses that require more advanced features such as priorities (PRIO+), one-on-one calls and/or a public service telephone network connection (PSTN). This packages facilitates up to 15 user groups. Besides the features included in the Basic package, this package also includes PTT Prio. This means that if someone is talking (speak button is pressed), then another user on a PTT Prio subscription can interrupt the communication of the person who is talking. The "one-on-one calls" function allows to have individual conversations between private mobile radios or radiotelephones in semi-duplex mode instead of in group.
  This package allows to communicate with multiple groups in full duplex mode (listen and talk at the same time). Ultimate also offers you the opportunity to interact with other companies (Interfleet). This package also includes one-on-one calls in duplex mode (PTP duplex). For private telephone connections (PABX), the Ultimate package is the right choice.
  For all packages, you can also choose to have a standby option. This provides for a number of additional private mobile radios in order to cope with peak loads, emergencies or technical faults. As soon as the private mobile radios or radiotelephones are used, the meter starts running on the basis of the pre-arranged package (see above). 

Entropia has the ambition to establish a Business Partner channel to serve the SME market even better. These Business Partners also act as a service point for private mobile radio. End customers can contact our Business Partners to connect to the Entropia network, as well as for accessories, maintenance and any other questions.

Therefore, we select our partners very carefully. We will be glad to work with business partners who share our passion for offering our products and will be a worthy ambassador for Entropia!

Check our business partners for Belgium and The Netherlands

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