Track & Trace

Efficient visualisation with mapping graphics

With ComBus® GPS Track & Trace you will always know exactly where all your employees are, thus enhancing their safety and optimising the deployment of staff.

GPS positioning for all Entropia devices

The standard module makes it possible for your main switchboard to conduct highly specific and efficient voice and data communication with any employees on the road, both as a group or individually. Every employee registered in the system can be tracked and contacted at the push of a button.


Real-time tracking

The ComBus® Track & Trace module provides real time visualisation of the exact location on your site of all your employees who have a transmitter with a GPS module.

This gives the switchboard operator a powerful tool for an immediate and efficient response in any critical situations. And not only while events are unfolding, but also afterwards using GPS Replay.


Safety first

ComBus® Track & Trace was developed to provide an optimal response in critical situations.


Clear visualisation

In the event of an emergency, the switchboard operator can instantly see the exact position of an employee on the map. This means the switchboard operator is able to respond and act both immediately and effectively.