Committed to always deliver high standards

Excellence guaranteed

Digital communications is an industry that continually evolves.
As technology and operations change around us, we insist that our
high level of customer service never does. Our goal is to always seek
to improve and enhance our efficiencies.

Working hard with integrity

for maximum safety

Entropia puts people first. It strives to keep people safe, respect customers’ data and to safeguard our environment.

We have been awarded the ISO27001, ISO9001 and ISO14001. These ensure the high quality of our products and services, demonstrate our complete understanding of environmental impacts on businesses, and confirms that we manage customers’ data according to the law. To maintain these, we are successfully audited every year.

Our employees who undertake operational tasks may be at risk of physical injury or material damage. To help eliminate hazards, all such employees study to gain the highest level of qualification to become proficient in how to create a safe working environment to protect themselves and others.

The Kiwa SCC Certificate (Safety Certificate Contractor) is proof that Entropia demonstrates high safety standards at all times.

Our continual learning allows us to innovate and grow, while meeting our legal health and safety duties.

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