Unified communications for ambulance services

Fast response

Ambulance personnel play a critical role to successfully coordinate first response operations. When every second counts, clear and reliable communications is essential. Communications must instantly connect all personnel including control room operators, motorcycles and helicopters.

Entropia Ambulance service communications

Enhanced unified communications to

improve patient survival

Entropia’s technology is leading the way in the emergency services’ technological revolution: strengthening efficiencies, improving customer experience and empowering personnel.

We are proud to support the emergency services and aim to provide them with the ultimate communications solutions. Ambulance personnel are under incredible pressure to make fast decisions, and being equipped with robust communication devices, and a reliable radio network, is imperative in time critical situations.

The Ambulance Service has trusted Entropia to be their unified communications provider for several years. The service has dozens vehicles available making them the largest patient transport service. They approached us as they needed to move away from using an analogue network which suffered from congested lines and bad connections.

Ambulance service says, “We rely on instant voice and data communications. Entropia’s TETRA network keeps all key personnel connected at all times, no matter their location. The ComBus Lite control room software allows us to communicate efficiently and enables all registered employees to be easily contacted, tracked and followed from our central hub.”

Information to create

data empowered teams

Our innovative technology instantly shares critical voice and data communications from scene to control room to enhance medical care.

In recent times, digital communication technology has been identified as fundamental to the development of more effective ambulance services. The solutions that we supply are feature rich and provide better connectivity to other medical services and control rooms to future-proof the evolving role of today’s paramedics.

We provide groundbreaking communication devices that can connect a user to another user or a pre-assigned call group in a push of a button, track locations and raise alarms. They can be further used to send real-time pictures and videos to emergency departments for improved onward care.

Our TETRA radio network applies trunking technology to delivery optimal radio traffic for voice and data communications between two-way radios with other devices and control rooms. The system covers a large area in Flanders and Brussels to guarantee connectivity between users working at a great distance from one another. With combus.eu it is possible to have global coverage.

The Entropia network is fully managed by us, and licenced, meaning that all voice and data messages from authorised users are encrypted, ultra fast and completely reliable. With the guaranteed delivery of instant information, key personnel can react to every situation efficiently and activate rapid deployment.

We established ComBus Technology to enhance our communications solutions and to provide the ultimate flexibility to your control rooms. Through the integration of ComBus’ cutting edge software these centres will monitor, interpret and transmit communications to fully support their remote colleagues.

Investing in our robust and reliable communications systems is of equal importance to investing in lifesaving medical equipment.

Vandenbrande Ambulance service
Entropia Butterfly
Entropia Butterfly

The power of

connected care

Real-time data will enhance the ambulance personnel’s decision making process and improve the efficiency of all workflows:

Receive and transmit real-time voice and data communications Highly durable devices able to withstand harsh environments Fully managed network for flawless connections every time, anywhere Group communications with other emergency departments Extensive network coverage area Expandable with broadband applications and worldwide coverage ComBus software compatible with existing devices Full situational awareness for well informed decision making

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