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City Management keeps Rotterdam’s outdoor spaces safe and clean. Deploying Entropia’s technology to oversee all essential facilities, the city’s inhabitants and workers enjoy their quality of life in this efficient and sustainable environment.

Rotterdan City Communication system

Communications for a

visibly better world

Entropia is proud to provide Rotterdam with groundbreaking communications solutions to help support the city’s ambitious mission.

Rotterdam is one of the world’s most inspiring C40 cities. There are 96 such cities globally and all are actively tackling environmental issues and proactively developing plans to promote a more sustainable future. Rotterdam’s smart revolution focusses on climate change due to its close proximity to the ocean.

In 2019 this forward-thinking city signed its own Climate Agreement and adopted hundreds of cutting-edge ideas to create green spaces, streamline its industries and to facilitate smarter infrastructure using data communications. The city’s government also takes part in the 100 Resilient Cities campaign to foster a holistic approach to challenge social issues.

With such a clear understanding of the city’s vision, Entropia was able to provide the ultimate communications system to enable key personnel to stay connected and guarantee the flow of critical data. This crucial information improves the city’s supervision and enforcement, parking facilities and traffic control.

Empowering cities with

intelligent networks

Stadsbeheer has trusted Entropia’s network since 2009 and deployed over 700 feature rich, reliable two-way radios.

Peter Cieremans, Supervision City Management Rotterdam Manager, says, “Entropia's services are a precondition for us to keep the city of Rotterdam clean, safe and accessible. Good communication is essential for Public Works, Clean City Supervision & Enforcement departments employees in the field, enabling them to perform their work properly, and for them as well as the city’s citizens to feel safe.”

This instant flow of real time data enables key personnel to make fast, efficient decisions for the optimal outcome.

Guaranteed connectivity indoors and underground Unique log in number to stay visible to control room High speed individual or group communication Emergency button GPS, man down and lone worker features Encryption and authenticity security
Rotterdam city services supported by digital two-way radio

Entropia Butterfly
Entropia Butterfly
Rotterdam Control centre

Entropia Butterfly

Secure, sustainable,

safe with smart IoT

Approximately 325 city guards work for Rotterdam’s Enforcement Department. To keep the city safe, they must be able to contact each other, and their control room, instantly.

Our military grade push to talk two-way radios are guaranteed to work in the harshest of conditions, this combined with our fully managed licenced TETRA network ensures flawless connectivity. The guards are equipped to receive and transmit voice and data information enabling control room operators to make quick, efficient decisions.

The supervision department’s control rooms carry out continual surveillance and monitor the city’s parking areas (overground and underground), buildings, green spaces, bridges and locks, tunnels, and the flow of traffic. Should an incident occur they use our systems to alert the city guards or an emergency service.

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