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Entropia’s critical data communication system provides the technology to enhance business intelligence. Its IoT system’s real-time data transmission ensures the ultimate control to maximise efficiencies, reduce energy usage, and ensure safety for a brighter and cleaner future.

Entropia Telemtry systems with IoT

Unlocking new levels

of intelligence

Instantaneous, reliable, secure and scalable critical data is crucial for today’s organisations to make informed decisions, predict trends, anticipate problems, maximise opportunities and continue to innovate.

For example, Entropia is active in delivering utility grade IoT communication with dedicated Voice and Data. This network provides high speed, reliable data on our fully managed, secure, two-way communications system dedicated to critical national infrastructure.

Committed to support the utilities, security, emergency services, transport and hospitality sectors, and their goals to work smarter and safer, our smart meter offering guarantees the immediate flow of critical data. This gives you ultimate control. To connect, manage and monitor all of your devices.

Connecting everything. Anywhere. Our IoT system provides organisations with a competitive advantage through the sending and receiving of real-time critical data securely and reliably. And as our network uses a licensed radio spectrum, we guarantee that it is legally protected against any interference making it safer than GPRS, LoRa and 4G.

The Entropia network is an industry respected communication system established to support mission critical IoT.

Its smart meter offering has been designed to be flexible to suit a customer’s individual business case and requirements.

Entropia provides high-speed, reliable, scalable and secure data via long range radio and has been optimised for smart metering and smart grid applications.

For smart meters to send and receive data effectively, and in real-time, the communication network it relies on must be flawless. Operating on Entropia’s dedicated radio spectrum, FlexNet’s customers experience these exclusive benefits:

Protected by law from interference.

You gain 100% control of all data transmissions received and sent.

Guarantees secure transmission of critical data.

Its end-to-end application layer encryption keeps yours and your customers’ data safe.

It has been engineered to integrate with your existing infrastructure

This allows ComBus Technologies’ customers to create their own customisable and feature rich IoT applications, from smart gas to smart grid, to smart water and smart lighting, to smart cities and beyond.

Highest transmission power and range.

Our base stations and two-way end-points transmit up to tens of watts.

Designed for high service level agreements.

The network regularly achieves over 99% performance at ranges up to 5km in urban areas and 20km in rural areas.

Improves operational efficiencies.

Providing complete control, you can identify issues immediately, such as tampering, leaks, outages, etc.

Up front, fixed costs.

With licensed frequencies the customer experiences no hidden costs and is not charged on a traffic-volume basis.

FlexNet’s quality does not alter, and operates equally well in rural and urban spaces, sparsely or densely populated areas, residential or commercial properties, and its end-points can be located deep inside buildings, underground or in high rise accommodations.

Telemetry: Remotely

transmitting your
smart data

Our advanced software enables you to remotely control, measure, monitor, regulate and manage for maximum efficiency.

Telemetry data is essential for organisations to improve their customer experiences, to monitor security, to identify faults and to oversee performance. This automated communication system collects real-time data remotely and transmits it electronically for monitoring.

Entropia and ComBus Technologies’ software provides optimum control over your primary business processes allowing you to assess, react and make key decisions fast. Smart telemetry data can be processed from any location covered by our own reliable network.

Electrical distribution
Water networks
Gas distribution networks
City heating networks

Ports and airports
Distributed sensor networks
Street lighting
Special applications
Entropia IoT Telemetry connects wire free

Entropia Butterfly
Entropia Butterfly
Short data communications

Short Data: Delivering

time critical messages

Entropia’s short data service provides our customers with a reliable, efficient method of sharing information.

Offering full flexibility our resilient and secure TETRA SDS can be used to send status messages between two or more mobile radios, and between a mobile radio and a control room dispatcher, to increase operational efficiency. When a device contains a GPS receiver this service can be used for the tracking of vehicles, personnel and objects.

Individual messages
Group messages

Maximum 2048 bit

Packet Data:

The guarantee

Packet data makes networks more efficient. It ensures that all information takes the most efficient route.

When data is sent from one device to another it is broken down into ‘packets’ (units of communication over a digital network) and reassembled when they reach their destination.

If the network detects a potential delay, it will automatically divert the packet around the problem guaranteeing the information’s arrival is immediate and complete.

Workflow management
Task & Operations
Control & Monitoring

Alarm Systems
Environmental Control
Entropia Packet data systems

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