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Entropia prides itself on its commitment to revolutionise critical voice communications. It continues to innovate to always deliver a flawless network for guaranteed availability, and the most robust devices and accessories on the market.

Entropia critical communications

Mission critical voice: Solutions designed for all situations

Entropia’s TETRA two-way radio systems have been specifically designed to provide the optimum service to the professional user.

Putting the unique needs of our customers first, our critical voice communications solutions can be fully tailored to perfectly suit their needs, even those who work in the harshest of environments. The robustness of our devices can reliably operate anywhere and are fully backed up by multiple levels of redundancy.

Our military grade two-way radios can withstand impact shock and all adverse weather conditions. They also have advanced noise cancelling technology as standard to ensure that the user can transmit and receive clear communications in the noisiest of conditions. For additional protection they are dust and water resistant.

As we own our own fully managed TETRA network, we can guarantee that there will be no disruption to the service and our mobile two-way radios will connect instantaneously. Our network offers multiple Push-to-Talk functionalities, including half and full duplex, one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many, with guaranteed connection.

TETRA is a pure digital two-way communications standard specified by the European Standards Institute (ETSI). This assures interoperability between any model of terminal that can operate on a TETRA network. Its innovative technology ensures voice quality, fast emergency call set up, encryption, high speed connectivity and vast coverage areas.

With one press of a button, users can establish voice communication, almost instantaneously with an individual or a group. Entropia’s system is essential for mission critical applications as it offers excellent clarity, it is digitally coded meaning that conversations cannot be tapped into by unauthorised personnel and its technology filters out noise. To keep all key figures up to date with crucial information, and alerted to an incident, various discussion groups can be created within your own fleet - these talk-groups work independently of one another, as such they cannot disturb or hear each other, although a user can listen to several talk-groups at once.

Our solution allows users to access emergency features instantly. The two-way radios have an emergency call function which can be triggered in a push of a button. This function can open a pre-determined talk-group, send messages or activate a silent alarm – the function depends on the user’s specific needs. In addition, different priority levels can be programmed for each talk-group. This allows members of a group with a higher priority level to interrupt an ongoing call to report a time critical message. In combination with our ComBus software the location of the radios can be displayed on a central screen in real-time.

When responding to a serious incident it’s vital that mission critical call recording is available so there is an accurate account of who said what and when. Our system includes voice recording which gives you the opportunity to analyse critical situations to support your continual improvement - this application uses Entropia’s infrastructure and no additional hardware is needed. We also offer an advance recording option which has further features such as the documenting of the time that the conversations took place, the exporting of the conversations for archiving, and the playing of the last talk burst - again this does not require extra hardware.

No matter the location of your workers, or the time of day or night, our system will pick up on any inactivity or motion and raise a vital sign alarm to key personnel. The vicinity of the lone worker will be tracked, and their location provided to the emergency services. Our man down alarm function monitors the position of the worker’s two-way radio – this active monitoring system will be triggered when the device remains horizontal. In the first instance a remote operator will try to reach the worker via the device, if there is no response an alarm will be raised for immediate action.

Critical voice communications

for your control room

Entropia established ComBus Technologies to provide the ultimate communication service and flexibility to your control room operators.

ComBus is our control room application developed to be robust and to deliver high speed calls. Its software can be fully integrated with your existing software and all of your devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, smart phones) to keep all personnel connected using our own reliable and fully managed network.

Fully IP based Hosted in a secure cloud environment Reliable, real time, high speed calls Based on 3GPP MCPTT standard Compatible with a range of devices 5G ready Choose your mobile operator Individual, group and control room connectivity

The ComBus Push-to-Talk critical communication system is available worldwide and the perfect solution for users with insufficient coverage with traditional walkie-talkies, or when owning their own infrastructure is not profitable. All that is required to take advantage of all the control room features is an internet connection.

Critical voice services

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To experience Entropia’s innovative devices and your desired functionalities which will benefit your company, your business processes and associated personnel, feel free to request a demonstration today. We will work with you to ensure that you make the most of this no obligation offer and fully understand how it operates.