Advanced systems for security personnel

Enhanced safety

The role of a security professional varies. Some are high risk. Some are undertaken alone. Some are in harsh environments. No matter the task or location, a reliable two-way radio is essential.

Critical communications

for a critical service

Your security professionals are there to protect people, property and the law. Their safety must be paramount.

The number of organisations we serve has increased year on year. This is due to the growing need to protect: threat of terrorism, attacks on high profile individuals and their property, aggression towards governments and the elevated demand to control crowds. In a crisis, action must be taken fast.

We supply reliable and robust communications solutions to security personnel from all industries. Hospitality, leisure and corporate sectors in particular require our products and services to keep large numbers of the general public safe. We pride ourselves in providing cutting edge technology that helps to prevent disasters.

For every client, we take time to understand their unique needs. Our service is fully flexible and offers many features. It is important to us here at Entropia that our customers don’t pay for any functionalities that they will never use, making our solutions cost effective and fit for purpose.

Innovative technology

to deliver cutting-edge functionality

Entropia’s flawless network and robust equipment enables security professionals to react fast to an incident every time.

Our communications system allows for an individual to speak with one other person or with a pre-determined group at a push of a button. The radios we supply have an emergency call function, GPS tracking, man down and lone worker protection for additional peace of mind.

As your security personnel can be assigned anywhere, we insist on the highest quality equipment for their voice and data communications. The equipment we supply can withstand harsh wind, water, dust, and impact shock. The advance technology cancels out background noise and the user benefits from the long battery life.

We established ComBus Technologies to offer control room facilities. This allows personnel to contact and send real-time data to a central operator. For added safety, your professionals can conduct a voice call with an operator listening in covertly.

Our fully managed radio network is licenced meaning that no unauthorised personnel can access your voice or data communications.

Messages guaranteed

to be delivered

Our network is based on TETRA standard. As such it guarantees that all messages will arrive instantaneously and complete.

Instant voice and data communications Reliable and robust two-way radios Long battery life Vast network coverage GPS, lone worker and man down features High quality audio anywhere, every time Encryption and authentication security Connect to individual or talkgroup

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