Maintaining security and preventing criminal activity

Safety Communications

Special investigative officers (BOA) play a vital role keeping the public safe by maintaining order. The most important piece of equipment they need to perform this role effectively is a reliable two-way radio.

Providing a critical

lifeline to maintain order

Only with a reliable two-way radio can a BOA connect with their control room instantly for advice on how best to respond to an incident, report a situation, alert emergency services or call for back up.

BOAs from the municipalities of Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amsterdam, The Hague, Haarlem, Schiedam, Nieuwegein and Veenendaal, among others, insist on using the Entropia network which guarantees flawless coverage, and our Push-to-Talk radios. Our network is based on the digital TETRA standard, designed for professional users. BOAs benefit from the network’s national coverage and its encryption and authentication security. And by applying digital trunking technology, voice and data communications are possible between radio users and to a central hub.

On the streets and in rural areas BOAs must be kept safe as they monitor activities in public spaces and on transport. During their shift they may tackle anything from a minor annoyance to carrying out a body search on a violent individual. Maintaining contact with their colleagues and control room is vital.

Tony Nijhove, head of the Control Room City of Utrecht says: “The safety of our employees is paramount which is why we decided to switch to Entropia in 2006. Their TETRA network offers us direct communication lines between users, and a direct 'lifeline' to the control room.

“This way we can be sure that our people take to the streets feeling safe. The ongoing service we receive from Entropia is superb; should we ever need to contact them for support their dedicated team responds quickly. We’ve never experienced a disruption to the service.”

BOAs have essential communication requirements and not all communications systems are suitable to meet them. For example, some networks experience delays when there is heavy mobile usage. A delay in the transmission or receipt of information is not an option for a BOA. Our network is fully managed 24/7 to guarantee coverage no matter their location.

Entropia special investigators radio system
Entropia Butterfly
Entropia Butterfly
Entropia Butterfly
BOA communication support

Entropia Butterfly

Connecting people for

the ultimate collaboration

BOAs may work alone, but by deploying our technology they continue to work as a team.

To ensure a BOA carries out their role effectively, our service allows them to communicate with each other, the control room or the police when necessary. For extra protection the location of a BOA can be tracked, and operators can listen in to conversations covertly.

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