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At the heart of our innovation is a mission to protect our environment. Creating societies and communities where sustainability is central. Implementing a meaningful strategy based on purpose. To increase opportunities, optimise efficiency, and increase the positive impact and performance of our company.

A commitment

built on purpose
and integrity

For more than 30 years, we have used our creativity, expertise, knowledge and progressive principles to shape a future that everyone is proud to live in. A future that we are proud to have played an important role in.

Our solutions protect the safety of individuals and protect the delicate balance of our planet. This commitment is reflected in our sustainability initiatives.

Keeping our promise

Our ultimate goal is to be CO2 neutral at our Head Quarters by 2027. We intend to do this by empowering our people to take the lead in sustainability management, to continually raise awareness and to keep the conversation going.

Objective 1 - 2024: Entropia, Combonet and ComBus Head Quarters to have zero emission vehicles:
100% electric vehicles and required charging infrastructure. The installation of 100,000+ Kwh solar panels. The installation of heat pumps to replace gas flow. Switch to high-voltage connectivity instead of distributed low-voltage panels.

Goal 2 - 2027: Fuel cells where possible:
Replacing more than 4,000 backup batteries at approximately 400 cell tower locations. Implementing fuel cells at antenna locations to replace backup batteries. Disposal of the back-up batteries so that they no longer end up in the environment. Once a year, separate each antenna mast from the power grid and let it work on the fuel cells for a week.
       At 400 masts, this results in a lower CO2 footprint of 400 weeks per year.

Goal 3 - 2028: Reduce power consumption:
Reducing the power of antenna mast equipment and adjusting the antenna patterns. Centralising and consolidating masts using specific antenna techniques to reduce the number of antenna masts and to greatly reduce the CO2 footprint.

Our road to zero emissions:

Ina Broodcooren

Ina Broodcooren has been a co-shareholder of the Entropia group since 1997. Her personal integrity, leadership qualities, and experiences have helped us to define and redefine our strategies to continually align them with our mission to help create a healthier, safer, and greener future.

To demonstrate our commitment to be carbon neutral, Ina has taken on a leadership role to focus on sustainability. Her insights and knowledge help us shape achievable goals and through her exceptional management she will ensure that they are realised.

We encourage all our employees to continually evolve through additional sustainable training, and members of our board of directors and shareholders are no different. In March 2022, Ina took the opportunity to further expand her expertise by completing the 'Take The Lead Sustainability Management' certificate at Vlerick Business School in Belgium.

The comprehensive content of the course enhanced Ina's awareness of profit and purpose, knowledge to develop the cornerstones of a sustainable strategy, understanding of consumer perspectives, appreciation of the impact on societies, ability to report on performance and expertise around investment decisions and asset values.

Ina is also part of Vlerick Business School's 'Take The Lead Sustainability Management' learning community, where she keeps abreast of valuable insights and approaches, and networks with other like-minded
professionals who share the same passion for sustainability.

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