Impactful communications for the utility sector

Complete protection

Utility companies face major challenges as customer and environmental demands shift. They must provide efficient services, maintain their distribution networks, oversee security issues, respond to customers, and measure energy usage. Smart communication is essential.

Communications for Utility workers

Instant flow of information for optimal support

Entropia’s communications solutions support the utilities sector’s mission to become more responsive, flexible, efficient, safer, greener and cost effective.

We support companies in the electricity, gas, drinking water supply and transport sectors by working with them to tailor our services to their needs. Many of these customers benefit from our smart metering solution to maximise their operations’ efficiencies, eliminating the need to send personnel to site unnecessarily.

Should there be an interruption to a utility service, it’s the customers who suffer. To provide the ultimate service and to respond to the fault without delay, instant and reliable communications are crucial, as is understanding the exact location of the fault and the key personnel best placed to take action.

We have provided critical mission communications for over 30 years and proud to support the evolving needs of the utility sector. As we own our own fully managed network, we give our customers complete peace of mind that the services we offer them will be uninterrupted, fast and secure.

Flexible communications
to safeguard growth

We understand that today’s utility companies have unique and complex requirements to help them remain market leaders.

Safety. We monitor our network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to guarantee availability. The devices we offer are robust, easy to use and reliable. Time is critical when an emergency strikes, and we make it our mission to always provide a reliable and continued service.

Control room support. Our flexible communications solutions allow our customers to take complete control of time critical situations. Push-to-Talk mobile devices provide our utility sector customers with the option to talk to one user, or a dedicated group, with the ability to track locations.

We also offer control room facilities through ComBus Technologies. This flexible service can be fully integrated with a customer’s existing software and mobile phones. Control room operators can stay connected by sending voice and data communications instantly using any device to individuals or groups, at any location.

TETRA is the modern standard for digital private mobile radio and public access mobile radio. As such our customers benefit from its flexibility, security, ease of use and the high speed set up times. Developed for the most demanding professional customer, it’s the choice of the utility sector.

Machine to Machine communications. Smarter utility networks can be realised through the use of M2M communications. With this service, our customers deploy a remote network-wide monitoring and control infrastructure for ultimate control over their business processes.

We’re here to support the utility sector future-proof their communications enabling them to continue to deliver world-class services.

Critical services
ensuring you deliver

All of our utility sector customers benefit from the reliability of the Entropia network and these feature-rich services:

Optimal support for the people in the field Accessible by speech anywhere in the service area Cross-border calamities can be managed Future-proof solution National coverage 24/7 support OPEX based solution Control room software options

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