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Complete situation awareness

To safeguard our present and to create a brighter future our world needs to be connected. A reliable flow of information is critical for the evolution of smart organisations and the growth of smart cities.

Empowering your operators

to make smart decisions

Entropia established ComBus Technologies to provide the ultimate communication service and flexibility to your control room operators.

Control rooms are essential for emergency services, utility companies and transport authorities. These central hubs constantly monitor, interpret and relay data to ensure the smooth safe running of an organisation’s operations. Equipped with real-time data gives every control room a competitive advantage as it maximises efficiencies.

Our ultimate ComBus control room solution provides flawless coverage and robust feature rich equipment to guarantee that mission critical voice and data communications always reaches the operator. This enables them to reduce risk, minimise costs, remain compliant, predict trends, identify improvements and make better informed decisions quickly for optimal outcomes.

Customised software to meet your specific needs Installation within your existing control room environment Encryption and authentication security Unify all your communication streams Existing workflow and safety apps designed for your sector

With a reliable flow of data, our customers are equipped to unleash innovation. They are able to discover solutions to today’s problems through the creation of diverse and powerful Internet of Things Applications. Deploying our cutting-edge technology, they can simplify, improve, automate, create new experiences, and drive smarter operations.

Supercharge your mission

critical environment

ComBus Technologies’ software puts the ‘control’ into your control room. All the functionalities with all the flexibility.

We are unique in our industry as we own our own network, and monitor it 24/7, to guarantee an undisrupted service and the continual flow of critical data. ComBus customers benefit from this reliability as well as our 30 years of digital communication expertise.

Since 1990 we have led the way in the field of critical mission communications in Belgium and the Netherlands. From working with ambitious clients that are committed to improve business processes, increase personnel safety, and develop smarter solutions, our team of experts have gained unparalleled knowledge and experience creating the ultimate communications systems to match their specific needs.

Our passion for critical communications combined with our innovative spirit and integrity gave rise to ComBus Technologies to truly connect the world. Human to human. Object to object. Human to object.

Transform your control room to motivate and inspire: ComBus Technologies deliver advanced technology, the latest Push-to-Talk radio systems and IoT applications to safeguard our future.

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