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Entropia’s progressive clients insist on reliable, clear critical data to intelligently manage their smart city networks and to serve their customers better. Implementing scalable communication systems with open architecture that grows with their forward-thinking initiatives and innovation is the perfect solution.

Groundbreaking capabilities

to harness the power of knowledge

Our clients have two top priorities. One is to conserve water, the other to manage their assets efficiently.

To support our clients achieve their goals to optimise water usage, reduce non-revenue water and to close the gap between the volume of water they provide and the water bill their customers receive we are committed to supply them with reliable IoT communications. To provide the solution, we must understand their problems. All our water supply clients must prevent water loss by being able to detect leaks, storage tank overflows, theft, tampering and faulty equipment.

Income generated by these companies supports future initiatives to revolutionise our world and to meet increasing customer demands. We feel privileged to be a part of this strategy to help create a healthier, more sustainable planet. As such we remain committed to continually improve
on our products and services and seek enterprising collaborations.

Monitor distribution

lines and localise leaks

Permalog® and acoustic sensors enable our clients to quickly and efficiently locate leaks in their network.

It works on the principal of sound waves to monitor distribution lines. Should a leak be detected, real-time data is automatically forwarded to the organisation via our reliable communication network. This data is used to prioritise, manage and optimise water pressure and leaks.

Water measurements and

device diagnostics

SmartPoint® modules are two-way radio receivers that collect data from the meter register and transmit it to the collection device using our fully managed digital communications network.

SmartPoint® modules collect measurements to provide optimum insight into usage patterns. Used to detect tampering, leaks, reverse flow and abnormalities. With true two-way communication capability, the device interacts over the Entropia critical data network, delivering immediate access to information without having to wait for walk-by or drive-by data collection.

Automated meters &

sensors delivering data

FlexNet® allows the ultra-high-speed collection of data from many endpoints to provide full visibility and control.

FlexNet® identifies non-revenue water, conducts on-demand meter readings, turns services on and off remotely, manages and controls applications in near real-time and sends alerts to key personnel when an issue occurs.

Mission critical data

you can rely on

We maintain and monitor our own licenced radio network constantly to guarantee that there is no disruption to the service we provide.

Everyone here at Entropia, and in our subsidiary company, ComBus Technologies, are passionate about shaping the future of communications and the positive impact it is having on smart organisations and smart cities.

Flexible deployment options to suit our clients’ unique needs Technology that responds rapidly to leaks and other abnormalities Automates leak surveying to prevent any leaks going undetected Guaranteed to have no effect on the supply of water to consumers Our network will penetrate a range of hard to access locations
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