Ultimate broadband
connectivity anywhere

Entropia are proud to offer independent broadband connectivity. Customers will enjoy flawless reliable coverage no matter their location thanks to this latest solution. This broadband service seamlessly connects to Entropia’s mission-critical TETRA network that operates throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

Entropia systems work underground and in building

Faultless network connectivity for stress-free communications

Our multi-network SIM cards automatically connect to the strongest available signal and maintain connectivity should one or more carrier networks go down.

Entropia Mobile is our range of voice and data, data-only, and machine-to-machine SIM packages. Its tailor-made solutions elevate the performance of all private and public sectors including the emergency services. Our multi-network data products are managed independently through our no-fuss management portal.

We offer a range of discounted mobile data SIM cards, including unique products, that you can’t buy from other carriers.

One of our most popular products is our ComBus Roaming SIM card that is managed through our easy-to-use management portal.

Operates globaly We have completely eliminated roaming costs Data bundles allow partners to price solutions competitively Private APNs add extra security by avoiding the public internet SIM cards automatically connect to the strongest available signal

The seamless solution to

switch and upgrade

The innovation and technology that powers the Entropia multi-network SIM card ensures you always remain in control.

Entropia’s aim is for people to no longer worry about a loss of network connectivity. We live in a world where it’s crucial to have the capability of connecting with others instantly. Reliable networks are needed to keep us in touch with colleagues, friends and families, they provide us with enjoyment, and they can also save lives.

To make flawless connectivity a reality, Entropia’s multi-network SIM cards provide the optimum 4G backup in the event of a primary network fail. Should a network fail, our SIM cards instantly and automatically identifies which network has the strongest signal depending on your location and connects you seamlessly.

Another reason to choose
the Entropia’s SIM card is the cost.

Due to the way the SIM cards have been designed to operate,
there will never be any roaming charges.

Entropia Butterfly
Entropia Butterfly

Helping you to

‘go digital’

Entropia’s SIM cards are suitable for anyone, and for any sector. And as this solution offers ultimate connectivity, they are the perfect choice for our emergency services.

Keep ambulance staff connected to online information. Police officers have the ability to record and live stream data. Mobile fingerprint systems always remain operational. Manufacturing processes remain seamless. Retail operations stay streamlined, cost effective and undisrupted.

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