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ENTROPIA is a fully managed digital network

Modular package of services

The managed solution from ENTROPIA ensures you a fixed price for the desired functionality and coverage area. You choose that you have stabilized and ensured continuity, expansion and cost savings of your business processes.

Network monitoring

Our Network Management Center (NMC) monitors the network twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. There is a report, the NMC analyzes it and takes direct action to ensure your communication. In addition, the NMC regularly informs you about the progress of the intervention process and discusses a back-up solution if the agreements within the SLA (Service Level Agreement) are in danger of being exceeded.

Maintenance and software updates

You can fully rely on the ENTROPIA network and also on the equipment. The maintenance is of course entirely for the accountability of ENTROPIA. You do not have to worry about and no unexpected costs. The same applies to keeping the network up-to-date. Every day we ensure that the latest updates and upgrades are implemented. You always work automatically with the latest software.

Customized subscription

The ENTROPIA network offers all network functionality, but you only pay for what you use. And if you wish to expand the functionalities, you can do that within one working day. Carried out, guaranteed that the capacity is always sufficient to take place within milliseconds.

Network reporting

As a service, ENTROPIA sends a monthly report with the use by radio, discussion group, individual calls, telephone calls, etc. In addition to this standard report, ENTROPIA also offers the possibility to provide a customized report according to the customer's specifications. This allows you to manage the network easily and effectively and to respond to changing circumstances and / or usage patterns, while significantly reducing the chance of malfunctions.


ENTROPIA is the only party in Belgium - such as in Antwerp - for the exploitation of regional networks for commercial organizations. The frequencies for the ENTROPIA network are exclusively allocated and not on a so-called "shared" basis such as for private networks. In addition, ENTROPIA is allowed to use higher power and gain antenna on these exclusive frequencies, making the range of an ENTROPIA base station on average 100% better than a private network.

Carefree for a fixed price

In short, the managed solution from ENTROPIA provides you with a professional radio communication network without one-off investments, unexpected costs, in-house specialists and internal responsibilities for the maintenance and service of the network. ENTROPIA offers you a flexible solution for now and for the future so that you can guarantee the safety and continuity of your people and processes and you can fully focus on your organization and (critical) business processes.


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