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Packet data via Entropia


Entropia is appropriate for connection orientated IP (v4 and v6) communication with both 28,8 kilobyte down as 28,8 kilobyte band width. The band width is adapted to the needs (Bandwidth on demand). Applications that use GPRS IP communication can easily be transferred to Entropia applications because the interfaces and the protocols strongly resemble each other. It is also possible to set up a package data connection through a radio for data transport. This data connection can be used for applications and supports IP transport.

Some examples of applications:

  • Workflow management
  • Unit Status
  • Reporting
  • Task course & Operations
  • Control & Monitoring
  • Alarm Systems
  • Environmental measurements


In the near future the band width will considerably increase. At the moment sending out small images and slow scan videos is already within the bounds of possibility.

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