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  • Voice Communications

The Entropia network offers by means of so-called “push-to-talk” the possibility to direct voice communication between users. The speech is of excellent quality, is digitally coded and cannot be tapped. This push-to-talk facility is essential for company critical applications and a connection is guaranteed within 300 milliseconds.
Both half-duplex as full-duplex connections are possible. This can be set up through simple configuration. Besides one to one traffic (selective call) like with a mobile phone, the Entropia network offers many other call and communication facilities.

  • LAN of WAN

We have solutions for two types of users. Our LAN subscriptions are suitable for local communication on your business premises. We also offer WAN subscriptions, whereby radios can be used over the entire coverage area of the Entropia network.

  • Multiple groups

You can make a call for multiple groups within a company. Beforehand everyone is divided in groups so that only the preprogrammed units are being called.

  • Voice Recording

Voice Recording allows you to analyse certain situations retrospectively by listening to calls again. The Voice Recording application uses the existing Entropia infrastucture - no additional hardware is required to record calls. You can access and listen to the recorded calls via a secure website using your personal login details. The user-friendly search function helps you to find specific sound clips based on a date and time. The files can also be exported and saved locally.

  • Individual call

It is possible to selectively call a user. Such a call allows communication between individual people. A selective call can be made both in simplex as in full-duplex mode.

  • Sending data and status messages

Self-written text messages can be sent to an individual or to a group. It is also possible to preprogramme standard messages and status messages so that mobile users can easily inform others about their status.

  • Emergency button

Pushing the emergency button initiates an emergency call. In the system, emergency calls have the highest priority. Various actions can be coupled to the emergency button, depending on your requirements (for example, silent alarm, opening an emergency group, sending a distress message, etc.). This helps guarantee your employees' safety and means that action can be taken quickly and efficiently during emergency situations.

  • Man down alarm

The man down alarm of dead man's function is an active monitoring system in the radio which detects whether the radio is horizontal. Firstly, a signal is emitted to notify the user that the radio is horizontal. If there is no response, this then immediately triggers an emergency call or sends a distress message.

  • GPS

The GPS module on the radios can be activated. As a result, the position of each radio is displayed in real time using our ComBus® software. The positions can be displayed on a specific map of your business premises.

  • Demo Devices

We would be happy to set up a demo for you, free of engagement. You will recieve a few test devices which are equipped with the functions you require. This way, you can experience first-hand what Entropia can do for you.

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