Entropia acquires IoT license in Belgium and the Netherlands [22/06/2018]

The Entropia license

There is an urgent need for networks that offer mission and business-critical services in the transmission of measurement data. With its digital TETRA network, Entropia offers an availability in the entire chain that is higher than 99.5%. The public GSM, read also NB IoT networks, as well as networks that use non-exclusive frequencies (868 MHz), can not offer such high availability in the chain. Entropia is of the opinion that transmission of measurement data will in most cases comply with PMR-narrow band frequencies in combination with a TETRA network, which greatly improves the availability and useful efficiency of ether use. In addition, it must be possible to offer mission- and business-critical services for several years. It is not easy to replace sensors and equipment whenever, for example, a new (broadband) technology is introduced onto the market. The continuity and availability can be filled in by using exclusive PMR-narrow band frequencies in combination with the TETRA network of Entropia, resulting in the following benefits:

  • very high availability (minimum> 99.5%);
  • reliability, good coverage and high redundancy;
  • widely applicable (nationwide through exclusive frequencies);
  • efficient use of air (use of narrowband frequencies in combination with TETRA);
  • simple antenna structure;
  • low SAR2 radiation (less than 3 V / meter);


Lean & Green:


  • very long battery life (minimum 10 years);
  • low energy consumption;
  • results in a low CO2.


The benefits are not limitative.

click here for the Entropia license (Dutch) and here for the French version.

(English version not available)


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