Entropia now Motorola Application Provider [08/06/2018]

Entropia dispatching ComBus now DIMETRA TETRA compliant

In addition to its own core and advanced applications, Motorola encourages other organizations to develop applications and solutions for TETRA systems. To support this growing community, Motorola has been using the Dimetra Application Partner Program for almost 10 years.

As Motorola's Dimetra IP platform has the largest installed base of operational TETRA systems, many third-party vendors seek and obtain permission to develop and market specialized applications that work on Dimetra IP through this program. Authorized partners gain access to interface documentation, software tools and laboratory support to facilitate their development.

Entropia has been building a fully-automated control room system, the ComBus, for years. ComBus is now being used by the largest cities in the Netherlands and the European institutions and offers secure communication between the invigilator on the street and the control room, the ComBus.

On June 8, 2018, the Entropia group received the certification from the Motorola Application Provider that ComBus meets the most stringent requirements of product and service development.

Click here for information about the ComBus control room.

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