The digital mission-critical (IoT) radio network from Entropia

Entropia has a digital mobile mission critical (IoT) network based on the trunking principle, which is intended for the professional user. Because the system is nationwide, it can also be used for users who work at greater distances from each other. In addition, the encryption and authentication secured network offers a fast connection structure.


Entropia stands for quality, as it also demonstrates by certifying the organization at group level and for all its services and installations in the broad sense. The certificates include quality ISO-9001, environment ISO-14001 and, following GDPR, the security certification ISO-27001. In addition to these certifications, safety for our people is also important. That is why Entropia has the two-star VCA ** certification.

Reliable and safe

There is a growing need for secure wireless communication connections with high availability and reliability. For many applications, location-dependent use is important, such as fixed measuring points in metropolitan areas, but also in remote locations. Characteristic of many IoT solutions is the limited guaranteed data exchange between devices, so no expensive broadband connections are necessary.

For example for smart meters, public lighting and controlling traffic control systems, but also for monitoring equipment, infrastructure and environment. Existing public or other (narrowband) networks such as 4G / GPRS / LoRa / Sigfox then offer a best-effort service on often overloaded or unprotected frequencies



Guaranteed frequency spectrum

Entropia's Critical Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Critical-Voice (Tetra) use exclusive assigned frequencies. This means that no-one else can use these frequencies and the efficient use of the telecom regulators, such as the Radio communications Agency, BIPT and Ofcom. Disruption by other devices and / or 'jamming' is prohibited and punishable.

Telecom regulators:


- Belgium Belgisch Instituut van Telecom

- Netherlands Agentschap Telecom

- United Kingdom Ofcom UK



Closed and secured network

Entropia Digital is a mobile business telecommunication network intended for the professional user and offers the possibility to connect to the digital network. A separate fleet will be created for you on the network. This is a closed user group, so that your communication is safe and not on public channels.

High Availability

The network has been designed and arranged completely redundantly, which makes availability very high. In addition to all duplicated components, the base stations are equipped with emergency power supply. In the event of a power failure, the Entropia network will remain operational for at least 4 hours. Performance and overloading of public networks therefore have no influence on the reliability and availability of the Entropia network.

Proven technology

The Entropia Critical Network of Things is based on technologies standardized by ETSI and is therefore proven and robust. In addition, the rapid connection structure makes it ideal for real-time control of processes.



The IoT network of Entropia

With the Critical IoT Internet-of-Things from Entropia, real-time control over the critical processes is obtained. Data can be generated from any location and for every situation via the Entropia network.

Because Entropia with its network offers the possibility to join on a subscription basis, there are no investments * but only a fixed monthly operating cost.

For example, when reading up-to-date information about groundwater levels, it is crucial to be able to predict and prevent flooding, but also to prevent drought by inflating too much water. The IoT network of Entropia is responsible for up-to-date real-time information.

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