Smart cities continue with Entropia and Sensus

Smart cities start with a smart public infrastructure to deliver clean water, reliable electricity, safe gas and efficient public lighting. And because they release resources by delivering essential services intelligently, they can invest in other services to improve the quality of life.

Deliver new services

Water and energy systems are fundamental to every city - and smarter management is the basis for smart cities. Whether you need AMI, AMR, CVR or DR, our smart networks combine residential and commercial metrology and sensors with the Entropia communication network, software and services. It is an unbeatable combination that allows you to go beyond measuring to truly intelligent resource management and generating income from your assets.
Even smarter

Smart lighting offers the fastest driveway to a connected city. Our VantagePoint® Lighting Control solution - along with analytical software for useful information - can give your vision a flying start for a clearer, connected city that starts with Entropia.

Smart Grid is not a distant dream

Every day you live the reality of an increasingly digital power distribution system. You need the information of smart meters, sensors and other devices and the analytical know-how to understand everything. You are clear about the vision, but you are worried about how you can do this with an outdated infrastructure. Rest easy. Whether you are just starting out, or are deeply in execution, scaling our smart grid solutions to meet your needs.

Increase coverage with Entropia

Communicate reliably with your entire territory. From the most remote customers to the densest populations, our Entropia communication network via Entropia offers a powerful private platform that covers everyone, with less infrastructure needed.

Sensus-FLEXnet fast transmissions

Go beyond kilowatt-hours with sensus-Entropia-city. Discover Stratus®, the smartest meter that exceeds ANSI and UL safety and performance standards. With built-in functions for automatic shutdown, reduction of voltage reduction (CVR), phase detection and grid measurement, the Stratus continues to raise the bar.

Record data at any point on your grid to make better decisions. Real two-way communication and smart devices extend your real-time capabilities with distribution automation, demand response and distributed energy technologies.


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