Smart water lets your data flow

We know that water conservation and asset management are top priorities for your benefit. Sensus smart water helps you with Entropia to reduce water on a non-profit basis and generate more income from the investments you have already made in your distribution system. Preventing non-convertible water loss caused by inaccuracy of the meter can recover lost revenue and result in more accurate billing.

Reduce water leaks in the distribution system. Help customers optimize the use of water. Public utilities annually lose € 9.6 billion in leaked water alone. Improved system leaks and pressure management can reduce leakage by five percent and pipe bursts by 10 percent, saving utilities up to € 4.6 billion per year. Homeowners annually lose 1.25 trillion liters of water by not detecting or repairing leaks. In a single house, leaks can account for an average of 10,000 liters that are wasted every year, enough to fill a pool in the backyard.


Photo: Water meter on the Entropia network

Our solution

With a focus on monitoring, pressure management and leak detection technologies, we offer advanced, intelligent solutions to help you save water and prevent leaks.

For your water distribution network, you can use our integrated leak management solution to monitor and diagnose leaks and related products remotely and continuously. Permalog + acoustic sensors use sound waves to check distribution lines and locate leaks. Sensors are activated at night, listen to the distribution system when the ambient sounds are the lowest and then report the pipeline conditions back to the utility via the Entropia communication network. With this data you can prioritize and manage more effectively and optimize the water pressure and leaks in your network.

Smart meters work with Sensus SmartPoint® modules on the Entropia communication network to help you manage your water system. We couple them to our meters to enable two-way communication. SmartPoint modules deliver measurements per hour as opposed to the traditional monthly meter reading. These reading volumes give you more insight into the usage patterns of your customers. The SmartPoint modules also detect sabotage, leaks, backflow and other abnormalities.

Communicate better

FlexNet, our expandable communication network in collaboration with Entropia, allows you to collect data from many endpoints to detect and locate problems in your water system.

Improve sales and efficiency

With our smart water system you can measure the pressure, temperature, level, flow, status and more. From water leakage to non-dosed water and inaccurate billing, we offer a range of measurement, communication and analysis solutions to improve the accuracy of your water system. All analyzes are configurable, intuitive and insightful. We help you to solve problems faster to improve efficiency and customer service

Lost Water is Lost Money

  • Reduce your apparent and actual losses.
  • We know that you are focused on reducing non-revenue water (NRW) and closing the gap between the water volume that you supply and the water you bill to your customers each month.
  • Non-income water can quickly rise. In Europe, losses can even be between 20 and 30 percent.

The sources of non-income include water

  • Main leaks and storage tank run over
  • Theft and tampering
  • Unpaid consumption and inaccuracy of the meter
  • Non-measured consumption
  • Leak adjustments and bad debts

We all agree that it is no longer acceptable to miss your revenue potential as a result of non-income water. Loss of water not only affects your income stream, but it can also have a serious impact on your operating costs. We work with thousands of utilities, just like you, to identify the source of your non-revenue water and offer a solution to reduce it.

Benefits for your customers

  • Reduces billing errors
  • Increases confidence in service
  • Increase information about use
  • Allows you to save resources and save money

Benefits for you

  • Decreases the cost of meter reading
  • Provides real-time billing information, reducing estimated metrics and billing costs
  • Improves the safety of employees and customers by reducing the number of employees on the road and offering safer reading methods
  • Reduces billing errors and disputes
  • Enables flexible read schedules and eliminates delays in summary billing of commercial accounts
  • Increases cash flow by converting quarterly or semi-monthly accounts to monthly invoicing
  • Reduces complaints from customer complaints and increases customer satisfaction
  • Checks tampering and theft
  • Promotes energy savings and customer savings with usage time

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