ComBus Push-to-Talk, worldwide available.

What is ComBus Push-to-Talk?

With the help of the ComBus Push-to-Talk (PTT) you can talk directly with one user or a group of users at the touch of a button and within one second, or an emergency signal can be given to all colleagues or the central control room. These functionalities that are normally typical for two-way radios or radios that work with a transmission frequency and a license.

The ComBus system consists of an easy-to-use application - ComBus PTT - that can be easily installed on a smartphone and with which you can set up super-fast communication with one user or a group of users. The smartphone application uses the 2G, 3G or 4G networks of mobile providers and WIFI. The voice message is hereby rapidly converted into data, encrypted and sent via the network of your mobile operator or WIFI to the recipient (s) of the voice message.

In addition, it is also possible to send or receive text messages and multimedia messages and with our system you can stream video images from one point to one user or a group of users. All call communication can also be recorded as standard without having to invest in expensive recording equipment and there is an availability module available so that you can easily and quickly see which users are available or not.

ComBus Dispatcher software can be supplied as standard on which all the functions already described above are already available. ComBus Dispatcher is a simplified yet complete control room application with integrated voice communication and mapping software that can be installed on a Windows computer or tablet. Via the built-in cartography it is possible to locate the users based on their GPS position. By pressing a button you can define an area on the map (geofencing) and create temporary conversation groups based on the location data of the users within this area.

Why ComBus PTT?

The ComBus Push-to-Talk solution is a robust and complete system in which the smartphone application, monitoring room software and ComBus server are aligned in such a way that voice calls are made super-fast. The platform is fully IP-based and is hosted in a secure cloud environment in our own state-of-the-art data centres. The system is built according to the international 3GPP MCPTT standard and is therefore ready for the evolution towards 5G.

With ComBus PTT a user can exchange information easily, quickly and real-time. This not only contributes to business productivity and efficiency, it also increases user safety. There is a whole ecosystem of devices and accessories available - which are also used with traditional radios (we think of headsets, earphones, speaker microphone, multi-slot chargers, etc.) - so that we can make a logical and easy to make evolution from traditional walkie talkies to our PTT service.

Other PTT solutions each have their own disadvantages or limitations, but ComBus PTT tries to make a difference by:


  • The lack of interoperability between different mobile operators: most applications are linked to one specific mobile operator. With our solution we offer you the flexibility where you can choose between your own mobile operator or our operator.
  • The ComBus system is based on the 3GPP MCPTT standard and this allows the user to communicate with PTT systems from other suppliers. Most other systems do not offer this possibility and do not meet this standard.


The ComBus PTT application is - in contrast to the smartphone applications of the competition - compatible with a wide range of devices and accessories:


  • Classic smartphones.
  • Rugged smartphones that meet the MIL-STD-810G standard. This is a standard that indicates how robust a device is. Rugged or ruggedized devices are resistant to vibrations, shocks, extreme temperatures, dust and water. These devices usually have connection options for professional accessories and have an emergency button.
  • Simple, robust devices that look like a walkie talkie or two-way radio but only have PoC functionality based on the internet.
  • ATEX devices are devices that are explosion-proof and certified for use in an explosive environment.
  • Mobile devices specifically intended for installation in vehicles or for use as a fixed device in an office or control room environment.


On the ecosystem of devices with which ComBus PTT is compatible, we can offer a wide range of specialized accessories such as:

  • Headsets
  • Earpieces
  • External speaker/microphone
  • Multi-slot chargers
  • Multi-battery chargers
  • Car kits

The ComBus platform has been redundantly expanded and is monitored around the clock. This makes our service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Should the underlying platform fail, everything will be done to make the service operational again. With most other systems you only get support during office hours.

For whom?


ComBus PTT is a mid-end solution meant for the customer who wants a powerful, flexible and affordable non-mission-critical and non-business-critical solution and who needs the ability to communicate in group. The ComBus PTT solution is extremely suitable for users who have insufficient reach with a traditional walkie talkie or two-way radio or in places where it is not profitable to set up a temporary network infrastructure. ComBus PTT also offers a solution for temporary users who work for a short period in a company and who are not allowed to use the existing communication system. Furthermore, this solution can also be used very easily for a wide range of temporary or recurring events such as sports competitions (cycling competitions, running competitions, marathons, autocross, etc.), music festivals, processions, manifestations, etc.


  • Group voice communication: possibility to communicate with a group of users at the touch of a button.
  • Multiple discussion groups: within the own fleet, different discussion groups can be created. From the smartphone you can switch between these groups. These discussion groups work completely independently of each other and will never disturb or hear each other.
  • Scan conversation groups: it is possible to listen to several conversation groups at the same time.
  • Dynamic groups: the control room has the option to create a temporary conversation group and to communicate with it ad hoc and based on the GPS location of a group of smartphones.
  • Individual calls: In addition to voice communication in a group, it is also possible to make individual calls. Users can then selectively call each other and have a one-to-one conversation without disturbing the rest of the conversation group.
  • Emergency calls: a simple push of the button creates an emergency call that puts the person in need in direct contact with the control room and any users who scan the emergency call group. The control room receives a special message in the ComBus software and the person in need is immediately visualized on the map.
  • Pre-emptive Priority call: in the system, different priority levels can be programmed for each call group. This allows members of a group with a higher priority level to break into an ongoing conversation in order to report an important message. Per user, it is also possible to set whether priority is given to push-to-talk calls or traditional GSM calls.
  • Lone Worker Protection: it is possible to set a vital sign alarm so that an alarm is automatically generated in the event of inactivity or motion detection.
  • Advanced recording options: all conversations and the time they took place can be recorded instantly and without extra investment in expensive hardware. These conversations can easily be listened to afterwards, conversation files can be exported for archiving, there is the possibility to play the latest talk burst, ...
  • Real-time Push-to-Video: live video images can be pushed from a smartphone to the monitoring station, an individual smartphone user or a group of smartphones.
  • Text and multimedia messages: sending and receiving text messages, photos, video, documents, ... from a smartphone or the control room software to the control room, an individual smartphone user or a group of smartphones is a standard functionality.
  • Presence check: real-time presence and availability information of users in the contact list. From your smartphone or the Dispatcher software you can see which users are online (available) or unavailable
  • Advanced and real-time geo-localization and GPS tracking: thanks to the GPS module built into smartphones, users can always be traced in real time.
  • Authentication: every user of the system is uniquely identified. It is not possible to use the system without identification.
  • Encryption (E2EE): all communication that takes place via the Push-to-Talk application or the dispatcher software is automatically encrypted. This means that the communication cannot be overheard by other parties.
  • Web portal: a secure web portal is made available with which users and conversation groups can be created, changed and managed quickly and easily. You can also assign supervisor rights via the ComBus Web Portal, determine the priority level of a conversation group and the type of conversation group.
  • Our system is linked to the Entropia network via a gateway, enabling communication between the ComBus Push-to-Talk application and TETRA radios. Coupling with analogue PMR, DMR, ... is also possible.




  • Efficient and reliable communication: with the push of a button, a direct speech connection can be established with one user or a group of users.
  • Easy to use and scalable: the system can be expanded and adapted quickly and easily to changing operational needs using the web portal supplied.
  • Thanks to the emergency room software and the integrated geolocation and tracking tools, improved coordination of the team is possible.
  • Streaming video images increases situational awareness.
  • Good coverage in places where there is sufficient GSM or WIFI signal, so also in places where typical radio systems often have black spots such as parking garages, tunnels, in buildings, etc.
  • The application can be used locally, nationally and internationally: in other words, it does not matter where the users are located.
  • Compatible with a rich and constantly evolving ecosystem of devices and associated accessories.
  • No interference with other radio users.
  • Interesting, fixed monthly price.
  • No investment needed in your own network infrastructure
  • Due to the built-in Push-to-Video, a separate body cam is no longer required.
  • You no longer need a separate track and trace for your vehicles.
  • An expensive broadcasting license from BIPT or the Telecom Agency is no longer necessary.
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