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For more than a decade, utilities, cities and campuses have turned to Entropia and Sensus to connect with "things" to get the data they need when they need it and to improve the quality of life in their community. improve. With more than 2,000 cities and municipalities, our Sensus communication network has enabled more than 38 million smart devices for water, gas, electrical and street lighting applications - the fastest, safest and most cost-effective solution in the industry. Entropia is building this same network on its platform.

Utilities, cities and campuses rely on us for continuous innovation in communication capabilities, advanced measurements and controls, and smarter analytics for decision making. We help them communicate with hard-to-reach 'things' using licensed radio spectrum and superior 
network architecture, supplemented with support for standard protocols and open interfaces.

A dedicated and secure two-way communication network via Entropia

  • The Entropia communication system is a well-respected and proven communication platform that delivers fast, reliable, scalable and secure data over long-distance radio. This award-winning smart metering infrastructure supports Mission Critical IoT and adapts its offering to the individual business case of a (utility) company.
  • The Entropia system works with excellent coverage and latency, allowing smart meters and sensors to safely and reliably send and receive real-time customer usage data. This improves your business intelligence and also gives you an advantage over the competitive market. With the data you can proactively manage your electricity, water, gas, lighting and smart grid systems.
  • In contrast to other utility networks operating on motorized network, NB-IoT and other shared radio frequencies, Entropia technology offers a special radio spectrum that is legally protected against interference. Other wireless networks have hidden costs, need to deploy more than 10 times the amount of infrastructure and provide half of the redundancy that Entropia offers.

Entropia guarantees better performance, as well as the following benefits:

  • No frequency sharing means no interference with data transmission - giving you 100% control over your data transmissions. While other networks are exposed to interference and high signal noise in shared bands, our network transmits with clarity and security that is protected by government regulations.
  • Dedicated radio channels guarantee the transmission of critical data such as alarms or distribution automation (DA): Entropia customers and other national emergency departments all work with the mission-critical Entropia network because it guarantees the necessary transfer of their data.
  • Utilities manage a huge amount of data and they should be able to allocate channels for the transmission of critical data.
  • The highest transmit power and reach in the industry: we are proud of our 50W base stations and also have two way end points that can transmit up to two watts - potentially 10 to 1000 times more power than devices at a point without license and point-to- point spectrum.
  • Entropia networks are designed for high-level agreements: typically more than 99% connectivity, even to endpoints in difficult locations. Entropia networks regularly reach 99% + performance at distances up to 5 km in urban areas and 20 km in rural areas.
  • Improve operational efficiency and quickly identify leaks: tampering, equipment problems, downtime or other abnormalities using the customer data you collect. With the help of the
  • Entropia communication network you can also support multiple applications, increasing both operational efficiency and customer involvement.
  •  Reduce costs with remote upgrades: or updates - with Entropia's two-way network, you can also update and upgrade SmartPoint® modules remotely, perform on-demand measurements, and disconnect / connect devices. The range of the point-to-multipoint network reduces the number of access points required for recording and transmitting data.
  • A tailor-made service, where utility is central: licensed spectrum systems such as Entropia can support multiple applications and tools can prioritise data transmission on the basis of business requirements, providing a tailor-made service.
  • High installation and penetration of the basement: is of great importance in the rollout of successful radio frequency (RF) systems in densely populated cities. Penetration for licensed bandwidth is very strong due to the higher transmission power that it can use.
  • In front, fixed costs: with Entropia there are no hidden costs and no loading volume based on traffic volume. The spectrum costs are always regarded as the operating costs (OPEX).
  • Every aspect of the deployment of the smart network is taken into account, and especially when one of Sensus's solutions is used, decades-long utility companies benefit from market-leading industry experience, with all variables covered.
  • Reliable communication: the dedicated highway of our data transfer network enables reliable communication that guarantees high coverage. Our innovative and industry-recognized leading technology surpasses that of the competition that requires radio navigation across different frequencies. FlexNet manages the radio spectrum in which it operates, knows when and how frequencies are used and ensures that performance is maximised and that resources are efficiently allocated.
  • Geographic footprint: Entropia works equally well on all terrain types as rural or urban, sparsely populated or densely populated, flat or mountainous, residential or commercial properties. End points can be located deep in buildings, in underground wells or within high-rise buildings. No expensive repeaters are needed.

Benefits for you

  • Improves operational efficiency and saves resources
  • Extremely high "connection first time" success rates for meters
  • Ensures reliable performance by using Entropia radio spectrum
  • Easy to integrate with the current systems
  • The Entropia design reduces infrastructure costs and enhances network performance
  • Provides accurate, reliable and quality service to your customers
  • Future proves your investment by supporting future data requirements
  • Provides a multi-application network and lets you add new services and solutions when needed
  • Built on open standards and APIs for simple interface with third-party applications and platforms.
  • Uses network-based architecture for redundancy and less infrastructure to buy, implement and operate

Benefits for your customer 

  • Ensures accurate invoices that increase operational efficiency
  • Helps customers understand their usage behavior and enable sustainability
  • Provides a constant quality service, which improves the legacy of the brand and customer service and satisfaction
  • Enables remote management and management of applications in real time, increasing network efficiency
  • The collected data ensures accuracy and reliability and improves your company information

Customers and partners

And now our customers and partners can use IoT gateways and an Application Creation Environment (ACE) to create more diverse and powerful IoT applications. From smart gas to smart grid, to smart water and smart lighting, to smart cities and beyond: together nothing is out of reach.

Entropia and Sensus have an exclusive partnership with each other. The Flexnet network will be rolled out on the Entropia network. This network offers very high Service Levels and availabilities, just like Entropia's Tetra network.


Global partners of Sensus


Link Entropia Sensus: Sensus Partners with Entropia and ComBus to Launch Licensed IoT Network for Utility Companies

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