Efficient communication between mobile workers and a control room

ComBus® offers you the best way of communicating, between a group of mobile workers and a central control room or dispatch centre. The strength of the ComBus® solution is that it gives you the certainty that you can communicate efficiently in a short time.

Communication between a group or individual
ComBus® offers the ideal solution for ‘mission critical’ communication and/or business critical processes. Your central control room is able to communicate with groups or individual mobile workers with the greatest of ease and efficiency. It allows you to communicate via both voice and data at local, regional or national levels.

At a glance
It allows you to trace and contact all notified employees at a glance.

Security and reliability are key
Configurable package
Simplicity and efficiency are a priority
Systems can be integrated because of the open platform
Certainty because of the built-in redundancy

ComBus® offers the following modules:
• ComBus® GPS Track & Trace
• ComBus® Map-in-Map Visualisation
• ComBus® Reporting server
• ComBus® Telemetry