Entropia IoT solutions

Shaping the digital future - IoT innovation with no limits

Embracing the possibilities offered by the Internet of things (IoT).

Entropia Critical Communications

Digital two-way radio communications for professionals

Unrivalled coverage and features to connect and protect your people.

Control Room solutions

Flawless control room communication solutions

Helping Predict, identify and react to situations with certainty.

Telecommunications since 1990

For professionals who demand the highest

quality communications.

Entropia has been a trusted provider of mission critical telecommunications for over 30 years in Flanders, the Netherlands and the UK.

We pride ourselves on delivering the ultimate service. As the only company in the digital radio network industry to own its own network and infrastructure we are in the enviable position of guaranteeing our customers an uninterrupted fast and secure communications system.

Assured instantaneous connectivity is better for your teams, your
business, our communities, and our world.

Our network and intelligent push-to-talk radios deliver exactly what today’s professionals need from a unified mission critical communications service. By deploying our function rich solutions, our customers continue to achieve their goals and drive forward their vision. As standard, they experience device interconnectivity, excellent clarity, encryption security, emergency features, high speed connectivity and background noise filters.

Mission critical communications
Entropia Butterfly
Entropia Butterfly
Entropia Butterfly

Ultimate broadband connectivity anywhere

Entropia are proud to offer independent broadband connectivity. Customers will enjoy flawless reliable coverage no matter their location thanks to this latest solution.

Entropia Mobile is our range of voice and data, data-only, and machine-to-machine SIM packages. Its tailor-made solutions elevate the performance of all private and public sectors including the emergency services. Our multi-network data products are managed independently through our no-fuss management portal.

Entropia Critical data and digital two-way voice communications
Entropia Butterfly
Entropia Butterfly

Time critical voice and data

communications you can trust

Putting the unique needs of our customers first, our critical voice and data communications solutions can be fully tailored to perfectly suit their needs, even those who work in the harshest of environments. The robustness of our devices can reliably operate anywhere and are fully backed up by multiple levels of redundancy.

15.000+ Km2

Coastal & offshore coverage

72.000+ Km2

Onshore communications coverage

30+ Years

Experience in voice & data networks


Network service availability
ComBus Technologies

Instant communications

and unlimited range: The ultimate connectivity.

The evolution of smarter, super-fast, encrypted communication is in your hands. Take control of time critical situations.

ComBus Technologies’ software connects the Entropia network with your existing mobile phone, tablet, PC and control room. Flexible functionalities include the ability to reach multiple users at once, GPS, lone worker protection, emergency calls and more.

Guaranteed international coverage, superior features and simplified communication ensures the immediate flow of information to the right people at the right time.

With our cutting-edge technology, passion, innovative spirit and integrity, our communication solutions will empower your personnel to make smart decisions. ComBus Technologies, leads the way to connect the modern world. It has unlimited capabilities to connect everything, anywhere, anytime. Connecting humans to humans, objects to objects and humans to objects it doesn’t just provide real time voice and data communication, it provides knowledge.