Frequently Asked Questions

Entropia continuously implements new features and applies new technologies. This page contains questions and answers that we would like to share with you. Enjoy reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Entropia continuously implements new features and applies new technologies. This page contains questions and answers that we would like to share with you. Enjoy reading.


Does Entropia's ComBus work in the cloud?

Yes, ComBus works in the cloud and is 100% hosted so that the customer does not have to invest in their own server infrastructure to use the service.


Is Entropia's ComBus a mission critical service?

Indeed, ComBus offers the ultimate mission critical communications solution. And we can tailor your service to perfectly match the needs of your organisation. Even with lower functionalities we guarantee that it will retain the high standard of mission critical.


Is Entropia's ComBus focused on sustainability?

Sure! ComBus is constantly investing in sustainability. During the development of the platform, for example, we focused on achieving lower power consumption and the use of green energy.


When was Entropia's ComBus platform launched?

ComBus service was first launched in 2005 and used by security companies and the logistics sector. The variety of industries we now support in 2024 continues to grow.


Where is Entropia's ComBus developed?

ComBus is a 100% in-house development. The client-server solution has fully evolved into a mission critical service. Our own IT engineers continually monitor the platform’s quality and sustainability.


How is Entropia's ComBus developed?

The ComBus developers follow a strictly organised process. For example, the ‘Scrum Methodology’ is used. Every 2 weeks a new iteration is released which includes improved functionalities. In addition, a progress evaluation occurs. This step-by-step process is led by one of our team leaders and each function is given a sequence number. On average, dozens of functionalities or improvements are delivered per iteration (sprint). ComBus software consists of more than 250,000 useful code lines.


How many times a year does Entropia's ComBus update?

On average three times a year when new functionalities and improved processes are added. Each update takes approx. 10 minutes and takes the ComBus team about 4 hours behind the scenes to check its quality to make sure that its users never experience any disruption.


Are updates tested in advance?

Sure! The quality process used by ComBus is of the highest standard. During the fortnightly iteration (sprint) releases, we have dedicated employees who perform quality checks. ComBus tests every new ComBus version extensively in-house. This trusted test methodology is always tested against live situations.


Which quality processes are followed?

In addition to the most common quality processes in the world of development, the overarching ISO processes are always used. For example, here are some of the quality processes we insist on: ISO-9001 (Quality), ISO-14001 (Environmental Management), ISO-27001 (Security) along with specific GDPR and BIO regulations.


How often is Entropia's ComBus tested?

In addition to the test procedures carried out by our IT and radio engineers, every night the developments are tested. Every morning the engineers know the result of the developments from the day before. A Burndown trend displays these results.


Do the new features cost extra?

No, once you subscribe to use ComBus’s service, you’ll enjoy all of our newly developed functionalities.


On which platforms does Entropia's ComBus work?

The ComBus works in a Windows browser environment. Common browsers are tested. The customer will receive instructions and recommendations on which browsers perform are the best. Finally, ComBus is a mission critical service and the quality is guaranteed from A to Z.


If I have a question about Entropia's ComBus, where can I go to ask it?

All of our customers have access to an online platform where they can ask any question. As we strive to continually improve our services, all queries are closely followed by our engineers.


Which mobile networks is Entropia's ComBus technology compatible with?

ComBus is network independent and supports all of Entropia’s TETRA networks. In 2020, ComBus started with broadband connectivity and is now available through 4G and 5G networks.


Can I connect my own software platforms and apps to ComBus?

Sure! Through a specific Application Programming Interface (API) you can connect your software platform to ComBus. A team of developers will look at what you need so that you can use ComBus in your day-to-day processes. This can be based on monitoring applications such as integration into SAP, database integrations, connecting your app on ComBus, and so on.


Are ComBus’s services COVID-proof?

Yes. Because ComBus can be accessed from anywhere, physical distances between operators are guaranteed.


Does Entropia's ComBus work abroad?

Yes, of course. ComBus works wherever there is a broadband connection and suitable for TETRA, DMR and GSM networks.


Who can use Entropia's ComBus’s service?

ComBus has been developed to offer mission critical communications to all sectors and industries. To learn more about our clients and how our services help them, check out our websites.


I don't have a broadband connection, can the Entropia team offer me any alternative?

Yes! The Entropia team will find a solution for you and make sure that you can connect to an Entropia mast. In these circumstances, the connection can be made through a digital radio link.


I have a client-server application from ComBus, can I upgrade to ComBus Cloud?

This is purely your choice. ComBus is cost-effective and if you decide to go ahead with the upgrade our team will advise you what is best for you. Using ComBus Cloud, you will experience both sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

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