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Entropia March 5, 2021

Two new-look websites to showcase the Entropia Group’s innovations and cutting edge products and services.

Entropia Jan 1, 2021

iBeacons is a technology from Apple that allows you to determine the location of Entropia devices.

Entropia October 16th, 2020

ComBus’ Critical Cloud dispatching system and its optimised database make public spaces safer.

Entropia September 14th, 2020

Cyber-attacks are one of the biggest risks that an organisation can face. Entropia secures an accreditation to get ahead of potential risks.

Entropia April 12, 2020

Entropia announced the integration and unification of 4G and 5G LTE with the Entropia TETRA network using ComBus Push-to-Talk for true global reach.

Entropia March 24th, 2020

BIPT is considering 5 operators for the granting of provisional user rights to enable the introduction of 5G.

Entropia July 9, 2019

Entropia concludes long-term mission-critical TETRA agreements with petrochemical port companies in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Entropia July 5, 2019

The BIPT Council grant Entropia a license to operate a public network for the transmission of telemetry data for smart management of water systems.

Entropia May 16, 2019

The KinderBeestFeest Foundation offers chronically ill and / or disabled children and their family members living at home a carefree evening.

Entropia May 12, 2019

In preparation for a large-scale implementation the 500 day trials in the Netherlands & Belgium is now complete.

Entropia April 30th, 2019

Entropia's mission-critical solution ensures that mechanical ventilation can be operated from the Control Room in Rotterdam and turned off in case of fire.

Entropia January 5, 2018

Entropia Group acquires the Belgian-Dutch national mobile data network "Mobitex" from RAM Mobile Data.

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