Entropia keeps
ancient MergelRijk cave visitors and staff safe

10 years of superior safety with our TETRA radio system. Enhancing the exploration experience at the caves at MergelRijk

For the next decade Entropia will provide the ultimate communications solution for the ancient and unique visitor attraction at MergelRijk caves. These breath-taking caves attract huge numbers of visitors from all over the world and it employs many knowledgeable personnel to guide the visitors through this fascinating underground world.

Working with the people who bring MergelRijk to life is amazing, but it has one main challenge: by its very nature, the marl caves are deep underground.

Our TETRA radios and network are robust enough to operate in any environment and here they have been boosted with Entropia’s additional technology to increase the power of the signal. As such, Entropia enable the staff at MergelRijk to communicate with one another seamlessly and just as importantly they are able to keep themselves and all visitors safe.

Health & safety procedures are enhanced.
Flawless coverage in all areas of underground cave system.
Tracking function to identify location of personnel.
Sustainable technology and low radio frequency radiation.
Lone worker capability to ensure safety at all times.

The additional technology we provide to MergelRijk consists of a complex kilometers long Distributed Antenna System. This enables signal and fluidly handover to remain operational where there are thick materials, such as concrete or steel walls and in underground spaces. The marl caves are made from calcium carbonate or lime-rich mud and are no match for the strength of our technology.

And as this additional technology is non-intrusive there is no disruption to the enjoyment felt by the visitors.

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