Mission-Critical TETRA:
Uncompromising Communication

TETRA offers a comprehensive solution for organisations seeking
reliable, secure, and interoperable communication for mission-critical operations.

Mission-Critical TETRA:
Uncompromising Communication

TETRA offers a comprehensive solution for organisations seeking
reliable, secure, and interoperable communication for mission-critical operations.

Mission critical TETRA:
Expertly designed
to be fully flexible

With one press of a button, users can establish voice communication, almost instantaneously with an individual or a group.

Entropia’s TETRA system of 400+ masts cover an area of over 72.000+ Km2 on shore across Flanders, Brussels and nationwide across the Netherlands, with 15.000+ Km2 of Belgium coastal & offshore coverage. Our systems is designed for mission critical applications, offering excellent coverage and availability. Calls and data are encrypted meaning that conversations cannot be tapped into by unauthorised personnel and its technology also filters out noise. To keep all key figures up to date with crucial information, and alerted to an incident, various discussion groups can be created within your own fleet - these talk-groups work independently of one another, as such they cannot disturb or hear each other, although a user can listen to several talk-groups at once if required.

Our solution allows users to access emergency features instantly. The two-way radios have an emergency call function which can be triggered in a push of a button.

This function can open a pre-determined talk-group, send messages or activate a silent alarm – the function depends on the user’s specific needs. In addition, different priority levels can be programmed for each talk-group. This allows members of a group with a higher priority level to interrupt an ongoing call to report a time critical message. In combination with our ComBus software the location of the radios can be displayed on a central screen in real-time.

When responding to a serious incident it’s vital that mission critical call recording is available so there is an accurate account of who said what and when.

Our system includes voice recording which gives you the opportunity to analyse critical situations to support your continual improvement - this application uses Entropia’s infrastructure and no additional hardware is needed. We also offer an advance recording option which has further features such as the documenting of the time that the conversations took place, the exporting of the conversations for archiving, and the playing of the last talk burst - again this does not require extra hardware.

The evolution of smarter, super-fast, encrypted communication is in your hands. Take control of time critical situations.

No matter the location of your workers, or the time of day or night, our system will pick up on any inactivity or motion and raise a vital sign alarm to key personnel. The vicinity of the lone worker will be tracked, and their location provided to the emergency services. Our man down alarm function monitors the position of the worker’s two-way radio – this active monitoring system will be triggered when the device remains horizontal. In the first instance a remote operator will try to reach the worker via the device, if there is no response an alarm will be raised for immediate action.

Available user features:

Fast call set-up (milliseconds)
Priority modes
Highest levels of End-to-End encryption
Private one-to-one calls
Group calls & dynamic groups
Emergency pre-emption and priorities
Temporary groups
Free form text message
Bi-directional status messaging
Ambience listening
Broadcast call (one-to-one) & (many)
Radio user authentication
Gateways to PSTN/PABX/dispatcher & LTE
Apps including Man Down & Lone worker
Personnel and asset tracking (GPS) (BLE)

Mission Critical versus Business Critical?

Compare the difference between our Business Critical and Mission Critical grades of service.

The evolution of smarter

encrypted mission critical
voice & data communication

Our mission critical voice and data communications solutions can be fully tailored to perfectly suit public safety roles, even those who work in the harshest of environments.

Working with professionals and emergency services, it is vital that we provide 100% secure communications. We guarantee that radio communications between individuals and control rooms on any device will be locked down to authorised users only.

The power to deliver: Unique within the communications industry, we fully manage our own network to guarantee an undisrupted service.

The collection of data
The power to transform

Entropia is leading the way in designing innovative technology to connect everything, anywhere and anytime. combines cutting edge sensors with flawless wireless connections.

Real time critical data transmission enhances business intelligence, ensures efficiencies, optimises energy usage and ultimately secures a cleaner, more sustainable future for everyone. It empowers every organisation from all sectors to gain full sight of their operations and performance. With IoT and telemetry there are no boundaries.

It has been estimated that 75 billion IoT objects will be using telemetry to communicate data by 2025.

Hundreds of devices are being connected every second. Forward thinking organisations are embracing this technological advancement to provide better customer service, to reduce costs and waste, to manage better and to remain ahead of their competition. The knowledge IoT and telemetry delivers really does have the power to shape a brighter future.

Telemetry: Remotely
transmitting your smart data

Telemetry transmits this data to provide organisations and their control rooms with this real time information. ComBus ensures the reliable connectivity of every object and device.

Telemetry data is essential for organisations to improve their customer experiences, to monitor security, to identify faults and to oversee performance. This automated communication system collects real-time data remotely and transmits it electronically for monitoring.

Entropia and ComBus Technologies’ software provides optimum control over your primary business processes allowing you to assess, react and make key decisions fast. Smart telemetry data can be processed from any location covered by our own reliable network.

Electrical distribution
Water networks
Gas distribution networks
City heating networks
Ports and airports
Distributed sensor networks
Street lighting
Special applications

Through the deployment of Entropia's fully managed TETRA network your continual flow of intelligent data is guaranteed.

Entropia deliver groundbreaking capabilities to harness the power of knowledge. This enables organisations to predict trends, identify faults, monitor security, make better decisions, react to situations effectively and more. Entropia are dedicated to inspire and innovate through the development of cutting edge technology. The reliable transmission of your data from any remote location delivers optimum control over your primary business processes.

Short Data: Delivering
time critical messages

Entropia’s short data service provides our customers with a reliable, efficient method of sharing information.

Offering full flexibility our resilient and secure TETRA SDS can be used to send status messages between two or more mobile radios, and between a mobile radio and a control room dispatcher, to increase operational efficiency. When a device contains a GPS receiver this service can be used for the tracking of vehicles, personnel and objects.

Individual messages
Group messages
Maximum 2048 bit

Packet Data:
The guarantee

Packet data makes networks more efficient. It ensures that all information takes the most efficient route.

When data is sent from one device to another it is broken down into ‘packets’ (units of communication over a digital network) and reassembled when they reach their destination.

If the network detects a potential delay, it will automatically divert the packet around the problem guaranteeing the information’s arrival is immediate and complete.

Workflow management
Task & Operations
Control & Monitoring
Alarm Systems
Environmental Control
A smart future: innovative & scalable critical IoT

The smart management of water systems and its distribution improves customer experience, optimises water usage, drives sustainability, increases the effectiveness of data driven decision making and ultimately helps to create a greener, smarter future.

Real time data to improve performance

Through the deployment of Entropia's fully managed TETRA network your continual flow of intelligent data is guaranteed, enabling you to measure hundreds of variables on any object in any location including sight, sound, movement, airflow, fluid levels, moisture, electrical currents, position and speed.

Ultimate Cloud Dispatch

Connecting everyone anywhere to maximise efficiencies

Unleash innovation and supercharge your mission critical and business critical environment. The ultimate control room needs reliable two-way communications, the ability to locate all personnel and assets, and real time on-scene data.

To safeguard front-line personnel most at risk, they must be equipped with a robust system, with instant emergency features. Guaranteeing the instant flow of data, your control room operators can identify risks before they turn into situations and respond to incidents quickly to keep front-line personnel and members of the general public safe

In-Building & Underground Communications to enhance your workforce’s performance

Ensuring the reliability of your employee’s two-way radio will increase both their efficiency and their safety.

Our two-way radios are robust enough to work in the harshest of environments. And when they are boosted with Entropia’s additional technology to increase their signal range they become the ultimate communication solution. In certain situations, you may need additional signal power. For example, if your employees work in ports surrounded by industrial infrastructure or guard an underground space, the thick building materials (usually concrete or steel walls) can act as a barrier and block the signal. This will almost definitely delay communications and in some instances, prevent the user from transmitting and receiving information completely.

The additional technology we provide to ensure reliable connectivity in such environments consists of repeaters to boost the signal range with DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) This provides a solution when poor connectivity is a problem. It can be deployed to the smallest apartment blocks or a deep mine to the largest manufacturing buildings.

DAS technology amplifies our digital network in buildings and underground spaces through the strategic placement of antennas – typically on roof tops. This boosts the signal to improve the performance of the communication device allowing the user to send and receive voice and data communications.

The Distributed Antenna System distributes the signal from one of our nearby masts. We have over 400 masts throughout the Flanders, Netherlands and Belgium.

Leveraging our proven track record in digital communication solutions, Entropia designs and implements customised in-door coverage systems to address the unique needs of each customer.

Creating and implementing custom in-door coverage systems will ensure optimal installation to deliver superior performance. Depending on the location we will ensure that all personnel in need of mission critical communications are equipped with the technology to keep them connected to their teams and their control room.

As leaders in our field, we will provide the optimum radio coverage solution. This includes the design, engineering, installation and all project related management tasks. In addition, we will monitor the system’s performance to keep your organisation moving forward and your employees safe.

The signal source for all Distributed Antenna Systems is the most important factor. As we own our own fully managed licenced network, we can guarantee the quality and reliability of the original signal source for complete peace of mind.

Coverage – outdoors extending indoors
Refined coverage based on accurate surveys
Mitigates all coverage black spots
Same coverage while using less RF power
Radio emergency functions remain active
Lone-workers remain protected
High speed and reliable
Customised in-door coverage from Entropia removes physical barriers
Customised in-door coverage removes physical barriers

Entropia guarantees high speed, flawless coverage no matter the users' location, our innovative in-building wireless technology has the power to keep everyone connected.

Entropia deliver Real time data to improve performance
Real time data to improve performance

Ensuring the reliability of your employee’s two-way radio will increase both their efficiency and their safety with active features such as Man down and lone-worker protection.

Mission Critical TETRA

Subscription Plans

Empowering every sector

Entropia Mission Critical Subscriptions: Tailored Solutions for Peak Performance.

Entropia empowers businesses across all sectors with a range of mission-critical subscription plans designed to meet your specific needs.

Our subscription model offers four distinct packages, each providing an increasing level of functionality. This allows you to select the plan that perfectly aligns with your operational requirements, ensuring you benefit from the most relevant features without unnecessary costs.

Entropia subscriptions offer the flexibility to be purchased with or without TETRA subscriber radio devices. TETRA technology provides a secure and reliable communication platform, ideal for mission-critical applications.

Technology to streamline efficiencies, increase safety and better protect the environment

By embracing all technologies that are now available to us, and exploring ways to optimise them, we can bring people together at all times without compromise.

We are committed to deliver super-fast, reliable communications and data for a better world. Our innovations connect individuals, control rooms and groups of people to protect lives. And through monitoring capabilities we also support a greener planet. Working with professionals and emergency services, it is vital that we provide 100% secure communications. We guarantee that radio communications between individuals and control rooms on any device will be locked down to authorised users only.

Comprehensive TETRA Solutions. Explore our Range of Radios and Accessories

As a leading provider of TETRA communication solutions, we offer a comprehensive selection of high-performance TETRA radios and accessories to equip your team for success.

At Entropia, we understand the critical nature of seamless and secure communication in mission-critical environments. That's why we offer a robust portfolio of high-performance TETRA radios and accessories, designed to empower your team and optimise your operations.

Working with you:
No obligation demonstration

Entropia offers a comprehensive suite of communication solutions designed to empower your business and streamline operations. We invite you to experience the benefits firsthand through our no-obligation demonstration.

During the demonstration, we'll showcase Entropia's innovative devices and functionalities specifically aligned with your company's requirements. This personalised approach ensures you gain a clear understanding of how our solutions can directly benefit your business processes and personnel.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of Entropia's offerings. We'll guide you through the functionalities and answer any questions you may have, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Request a no-obligation demonstration today and discover how Entropia's innovative communication solutions can revolutionise your business operations.

Entropia Connecting everyone anywhere to maximise efficiencies

Save costs, and transform business models

Contact us today to schedule a personalised consultation with a member of our experienced customer service team. During this discussion, we will delve into your unique needs and goals, and demonstrate how Entropia's solutions can help you.

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Business Critical versus Mission Critical?

To make it easier to understand our definitions of service we have put together this simple explainer section. But first here is an introduction to our company.

Entropia provides TETRA and Broadband two-way voice and data communication services. Entropia's ComBus & Combonet together provide a catalogue of cloud-based apps that connect people and key equipment together across all technologies and networks.

Mission critical is the essential communications service provision for blue light and pale blue light operations including police, fire, ambulance, security, and the utility sector. All these organisations have demanding communications requirements.

Mission critical delivers instant call setup and instant data messages, both with a greater than 99.999% call setup guarantee even if the carrier infrastructure is congested. This is our definition of mission critical, and a pledge we stand by.

To achieve this grade of service, the network operator must ensure absolute continuity of resources and connectivity for a pre-determined operation area. There cannot be any third-party resources that the network provider cannot fully control.

The TETRA infrastructure is totally owned, controlled, and managed by Entropia meaning that continuity of resource can be guaranteed. Entropia has over 30 years’ worth of experience in voice and data networks. TETRA remains the most popular choice for mission critical services across the world today.

Yes, however for this broadband service to be graded as Mission Critical the end-to-end service and infrastructure must be a private network with all the resources being controlled and managed by either Entropia or by the organisation using the service. There cannot be any third-party resources that the network provider cannot fully control.

No, we do not class it as mission critical, this is because we use partner networks in over 176 countries accessing 500+ tier 1 networks to provide connectivity.

Our provisions rely on our service partner networks to provide connectivity which grades the service as Business Grade. Business Grade communications still provides a high grade of service suitable for many organisations, but with less emphasis on protecting and saving lives.

Yes, ComBus’ catalogue of applications can be used on both grades of network. Only the network they operate on can determine if the use is mission critical or broadband critical. ComBus as such is always mission critical.

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