Leaders in mission critical communications

Entropia has been revolutionising the world of telecommunications since 1990. Its mission is to provide the most reliable, secure and clear communications to the professional user allowing them to work safer, smarter and simpler. With complete flexibility, every organisation can find their ultimate communications solution.

Experience and innovation

to deliver lifelong trust

Entropia understands your needs and your desire for worry-free communications. Owning its own network, Entropia guarantees availability and quality.

Our own two-way voice and data network of over 400 masts covering an area of over 72 thousand square kilometres is constantly monitored for your complete peace of mind: we invest, build, maintain, and repair. This allows our customers to focus purely on their core business without interruption.

As a Motorola application partner, we are able to further develop and positively influence the evolution of mission critical communications. We own and operate the premium M2M Mobitex network; the first
groundbreaking wireless network for mobile data in Benelux.

Working in Belgium, The Netherlands and the UK are team of
experts are best placed to provide the best service.

Entropia Critical data and digital two-way voice communications
Entropia Butterfly
Entropia Butterfly

Pioneering technology

so you can work smart

Entropia’s infrastructure and flexible solutions have been developed to fully support your critical communications needs.

We are committed to deliver super-fast, reliable communications and data for a better world. Our innovations connect individuals, control rooms and groups of people to protect lives. And through monitoring capabilities we also support a greener planet.

TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) technology powers our infrastructure, devices, and service to provide the highest quality mission critical communications. TETRA has an unrivalled critical communications global standard. Used by today’s professionals it delivers the ultimate coverage, security, capacity, control and capability.

Primary control to ensure

all processes remain secure

Entropia controls their own network to ensure that only authorised users have access. This keeps all communications completely secure.

Working with professionals and emergency services, it is vital that we provide 100% secure communications. We guarantee that radio communications between individuals and control rooms on any device will be locked down to authorised users only.

To support the success of our critical IoT (Internet of Things) our secure network keeps all sensitive data private.

For over 30 years we have supported the emergency services, oil and gas corporations, transport sectors and more.

It has always been our aim to revolutionise telecommunications to make lives easier and better. As such we will continue our research to look for ways to further improve the way we communicate with each other.

Real time communications

for a greener, safer future

Intelligence and awareness to meet the demands of our evolving world. Entropia launched ComBus Technologies to ensure the constant flow of critical information.

The power to deliver: Unique within the communications industry, we fully manage our own network to guarantee an undisrupted service. And as a trusted Motorola partner we supply world leading equipment. This proven reliability combined with our passion for innovation and our drive to support the creation of smart organisations, smart cities and ultimately a smart planet led us to establish ComBus Technologies.

The power to connect: ComBus Technologies, leads the way to connect the modern world. It has unlimited capabilities to connect everything, anywhere, anytime. Connecting humans to humans, objects to objects and humans to objects it doesn’t just provide real time voice and data communication, it provides knowledge. The knowledge to change.

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