Smart Water: Analytics and Control

Innovative IoT solutions to secure the success of today’s water systems and associated critical infrastructures. Entropia's cutting edge technology digitally transforms this crucial asset through the deployment of powerful real-time monitoring and the automation of intelligent data.

Smart Water: Analytics and Control

Innovative IoT solutions to secure the success of today’s water systems and associated critical infrastructures. Entropia's cutting edge technology digitally transforms this crucial asset through the deployment of powerful real-time monitoring and the automation of intelligent data.

Groundbreaking capabilities
to harness the power of knowledge

Our clients have two top priorities. One is to conserve water, the other to manage their assets efficiently.

To support our clients achieve their goals to optimise water usage, reduce non-revenue water and to close the gap between the volume of water they provide and the water bill their customers receive we are committed to supply them with reliable IoT communications. To provide the solution, we must understand their problems. All our water supply clients must prevent water loss by being able to detect leaks, storage tank overflows, theft, tampering and faulty equipment.

Income generated by these companies supports future initiatives to revolutionise our world and to meet increasing customer demands. We feel privileged to be a part of this strategy to help create a healthier, more sustainable planet. As such we remain committed to continually improve on our products and services and seek enterprising collaborations.

Ensuring Uninterrupted Service:
Our Commitment to Network Reliability

At Entropia, we understand the critical nature of reliable communication. That's why we maintain and rigorously monitor our own licensed radio network around the clock. This proactive approach minimises the potential for service disruptions, ensuring seamless communication for our valued customers.

Mission Critical TETRA Voice & Data

Entropia’s TETRA system of 400+ masts cover an area of over 72.000+ Km2 on shore across Flanders, Brussels and nationwide across the Netherlands, with 15.000+ Km2 of Belgium coastal & offshore coverage.

Real time critical data transmission enhances business intelligence, ensures efficiencies, optimises energy usage and ultimately secures a cleaner, more sustainable future for everyone. It empowers every organisation from all sectors to gain full sight of their operations and performance. With IoT and telemetry there are no boundaries. Our systems is designed for mission critical applications, offering excellent coverage and availability with a wide range of user features and compatibility.

Broadband Critical Voice & Data

Entropia connects sensors, IT equipment and personnel via the best broadband networks at a low cost.

Entropia offers the greatest range of functions over the broadest number of platforms for the widest geographical spread, including hybrid connectivity with Entropia's mission critical TETRA. Entropia's broadband critical for personnel gives an open channel of encrypted communication; a tool for safety and managing processes.

Mission Critical versus Business Critical?

Compare the difference between our Business Critical and Mission Critical grades of service.

Boreholes: future-proofing your water infrastructure asset

Entropia supply real-time borehole monitoring systems to continuously monitor and measure the depth, temperature, and quality of groundwater and in the event of tamper, your key personnel will be alerted immediately

Submersible Hydrostatic Level and Absolute sensors are deployed to monitor the groundwater and automatically transmit the real-time data back to your control room over Entropia's licensed Belgium and the Netherlands national TETRA network for ongoing analysis routinely across multiple locations.

Flexible deployment options to suit our clients’ unique needs. Data can be recorded & transmitted as frequently as every 5 minutes.

Instant connectivity for real time insight. Technology that responds rapidly to leaks and other abnormalities.

Automates leak surveying to prevent any leaks going undetected. Automated alarm alerts control room and key personnel.

Entropia’s licenced network ensures the security of data. Our network will penetrate a range of hard to access locations

The mission of Entropia is to continually innovate and develop our forward-thinking technologies to secure a cleaner, safer and more sustainable planet. Our IoT solutions have been designed to help manage the day-to-day routines, but also to preserve our future environment. Through borehole monitoring, organisations can demonstrate their own sustainable goals, prevent disasters and demonstrate compliance to support their environmental licences and permits.

Monitor distribution lines and localise leaks

Permalog® and acoustic sensors enable our clients to quickly and efficiently locate leaks in their network.

It works on the principal of sound waves to monitor distribution lines. Should a leak be detected, real-time data is automatically forwarded to the organisation via our cyber secure communication network. This data is used to prioritise, manage and optimise water pressure and leaks.

Water measurements and device diagnostics

SmartPoint® modules are two-way radio receivers that collect data from the meter register and transmit it to the collection device using our fully managed cyber secure digital communications network.

SmartPoint® modules collect measurements to provide optimum insight into usage patterns. Used to detect tampering, leaks, reverse flow and abnormalities. With true two-way communication capability, the device interacts over the Entropia critical data network, delivering immediate access to information without having to wait for walk-by or drive-by data collection.

Automated meters & sensors delivering real-time data

FlexNet® allows the ultra-high-speed collection of data from many endpoints to provide full visibility and control.

FlexNet® identifies non-revenue water, conducts on-demand meter readings, turns services on and off remotely, manages and controls applications in near real-time, sending alerts via Entropia's cyber secure communications network to key personnel when an issue occurs.

Save costs, and transform business models

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Business Critical versus Mission Critical?

To make it easier to understand our definitions of service we have put together this simple explainer section. But first here is an introduction to our company.

Entropia provides TETRA and Broadband two-way voice and data communication services. Entropia's ComBus & Combonet together provide a catalogue of cloud-based apps that connect people and key equipment together across all technologies and networks.

Mission critical is the essential communications service provision for blue light and pale blue light operations including police, fire, ambulance, security, and the utility sector. All these organisations have demanding communications requirements.

Mission critical delivers instant call setup and instant data messages, both with a greater than 99.999% call setup guarantee even if the carrier infrastructure is congested. This is our definition of mission critical, and a pledge we stand by.

To achieve this grade of service, the network operator must ensure absolute continuity of resources and connectivity for a pre-determined operation area. There cannot be any third-party resources that the network provider cannot fully control.

The TETRA infrastructure is totally owned, controlled, and managed by Entropia meaning that continuity of resource can be guaranteed. Entropia has over 30 years’ worth of experience in voice and data networks. TETRA remains the most popular choice for mission critical services across the world today.

Yes, however for this broadband service to be graded as Mission Critical the end-to-end service and infrastructure must be a private network with all the resources being controlled and managed by either Entropia or by the organisation using the service. There cannot be any third-party resources that the network provider cannot fully control.

No, we do not class it as mission critical, this is because we use partner networks in over 176 countries accessing 500+ tier 1 networks to provide connectivity.

Our provisions rely on our service partner networks to provide connectivity which grades the service as Business Grade. Business Grade communications still provides a high grade of service suitable for many organisations, but with less emphasis on protecting and saving lives.

Yes, ComBus’ catalogue of applications can be used on both grades of network. Only the network they operate on can determine if the use is mission critical or broadband critical. ComBus as such is always mission critical.

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