Ensuring Safety and Performance
in Offshore and Marine Environments

Communication paths, data interconnection and dependability are key to keep employees safe and to achieve all performance requirements in this hazardous working environment.

Ensuring Safety and Performance
in Offshore and Marine Environments

Communication paths, data interconnection and dependability are key to keep employees safe and to achieve all performance requirements in this hazardous working environment.

All offshore operations are challenging. Here at Entropia we fully understand these challenges.

Entropia has real-world experience in the deployment of communications infrastructure for offshore marine and windfarm projects.

Entropia's resilient and reliable communications make this hazardous marine landscape safer for personnel arriving by sea or by air and supports the efficient day-to-day running of the wind turbine infrastructure.

When dealing with the deployment and efficient running of wind turbine infrastructure, personnel arriving by sea or by air need to communicate to surface vessel crew and vice versa. Each of these communication scenarios operates under its own UHF and VHF frequencies. Entropia provide seamless real-time operational bridging to connect different technologies and different frequencies including broadband.

Overseeing real-time operations is a vital role for offshore control rooms. Personnel must be kept safe, and the turbines’ performance monitored.

Mission Critical TETRA Voice & Data

Entropia’s TETRA system of 400+ masts cover an area of over 72.000+ Km2 on shore across Flanders, Brussels and nationwide across the Netherlands, with 15.000+ Km2 of Belgium coastal & offshore coverage. Our systems is designed for mission critical applications, offering excellent coverage and availability with a wide range of user features and compatibility with leading manufacturer high-grade subscriber terminals.

Broadband Critical Voice & Data

Entropia helps marine and offshore operations to connect to their sensors, IT equipment and personnel worldwide via the best broadband networks at a low cost. Entropia's broadband critical for personnel gives an open channel of encrypted communication; a tool for safety and managing processes. Entropia offers the greatest range of functions over the broadest number of platforms for the widest geographical spread, including hybrid connectivity with Entropia TETRA.

Mission Critical versus Business Critical?

Compare the difference between our Business Critical and Mission Critical grades of service.

Ultimate Overwatch

Strengthen your operations & empower your personnel to safely and efficiently fulfil their roles.

Offshore & Windfarm control rooms needs instant two-way communications, the ability to locate personnel and monitor assets in real-time.

To safeguard personnel most at risk, they must be equipped with a robust system, with instant emergency features. Guaranteeing the immediate flow of data, your control room operators can identify risks before they turn into situations and respond to incidents quickly to keep personnel safe. Real time asset monitoring capabilities enable you to make better well-informed decisions, and to respond appropriately and speedily.

Mission Critical + Broadband Critical

Private & group conversations

Distance and mobility are no longer an issue allowing your team to instantly collaborate with each other wherever they are as individuals or as a team using talk-groups, securely exchanging information and sharing files.

Entropia’s application can be used with TETRA two-way radios or smartphones, using hybrid TETRA / broadband networks. A dynamic and secure directory enables you to easily locate the correct person and view their credentials. It also allows you to identify who is active or inactive. All information is updated in real-time.

The Entropia Push-to-Talk service transforms your smartphone into a PTT walkie-talkie-style device, complete with its own “Push-to-Talk” button. Other benefits of the application include comprehensive location tracking, push-to-video and much more.

Applications are compatible with Entropia TETRA and Broadband networks. Also available are hybrid TETRA / LTE broadband devices that enable connectivity to both TETRA and LTE simultaneously. For more information take a look at our TETRA hardware and accessories section.

Mission Critical and Broadbnad critical connectivity apps
Live stream video capability is the smart way to increase safety and accountability
Mission Critical + Broadband Critical

Video calls & video streaming

Live stream video capability is the smart way to increase safety and accountability.

Capturing real time video footage puts you directly at the scene. It supplies live visual and audible data to optimise the safety of your front-line personnel and the public, provide essential evidence and increases response times.

Providing front-line personnel with the technology to capture and stream live footage from a body-warn video ensures that they always act as a team. With every member of your team aware of a situation, and to witness its events unfold at the same time, empowers them to work together for the optimal outcome.

The wearing of a body camera instils confidence. Knowing that the event is being accurately recorded enables the wearer on the front-line to focus and assess the situation.

Mission Critical + Broadband Critical

Live Location Tracking for Assets and Personnel

Location tracking technology without boundaries

Your ultimate location tracking solution powered by data. Coordinate your team, track your fleet and optimise your response to incidents with Entropia’s innovative Cloud based desktop application.

Keeping track of personnel and assets equips control room operators and key personnel with valuable information. It supports the smooth and efficient running of day to day operations and provides crucial data in an emergency when every second counts.

It’s no surprise that emergency services, and sectors such as transport logistics, use location technology to track their personnel and assets including vehicles, and incidents. Entropia understands the importance of this communication service and has combined its expertise and experience to develop groundbreaking technology and software to guarantee reliability no matter the location.

Live Location Tracking for Assets and Personnel
Mission Critical and Broadband Critical Safety management solutions in real time by Entropia
Mission Critical + Broadband Critical

Safety management
solutions in real time

Our smart technology has been developed to deliver exactly what you need to keep your employees safe. Achieve complete situational awareness of all personnel at any location.

Entropia delivers the ultimate unified communications solution to better protect your workers. Deploy smart technology to fully support your front-line personnel and control room operators.

Our solutions have built in emergency features to safeguard your lone workers, no matter their location. The innovative system detects inactivity and raises an alarm to alert the relevant personnel. Should a worker fall when working alone, the system will trigger an alert as the device remains horizontal of exceeds a preset angle. In both instances, the control room operator will try to reach the individual using the two-way radio. If there is no response, an alarm will be raised for immediate action.

Mission Critical + Broadband Critical

APIs and Gateways
for task management

Entropia's cloud-based architecture facilitate seamless API gateways (Application Programmable Interface) allowing for essential services to integrate with existing business processes and task management platforms.

Entropia's solutions enable the secure flow of data across your entire organisation. It provides comprehensive management enabling your team to access forms and manage processes from any location, from any device.

Real time monitoring and tracking capabilities enable you to make better well-informed decisions, and to respond appropriately and speedily. Notifications and event alerts will provide you with critical data to keep you informed of your assets’ operations such as status, location, and energy consumption.

The ability to remotely monitor your assets empowers you to determine new business models and increases your opportunity to obtain a competitive edge. Deploying ComBus’ technology allows them to manage resources effectively, discover solutions to today’s problems, create new experiences and drive smarter operations.

Achieve deeper insights into your data traffic and get a simplified, actionable view with identification and reporting such as top data usage devices, data used per country, top applications or protocols used, and amount of data used by each application.

Our AAA servers are carrier grade and 3GPP compliant, providing security in the form of authentication with fraud prevention. Our IoT smart connectivity solutions use bi-directional authentication to ensure only authorised devices gain access with encryption to protect data.

Mission Critical and Broadband Critical APIs and Gateways for task management from Entropia

Save costs, and transform business models

Contact us today to schedule a personalised consultation with a member of our experienced customer service team. During this discussion, we will delve into your unique needs and goals, and demonstrate how Entropia's solutions can help you.

Business Critical versus Mission Critical?

To make it easier to understand our definitions of service we have put together this simple explainer section. But first here is an introduction to our company.

Entropia provides TETRA and Broadband two-way voice and data communication services. Entropia's ComBus & Combonet together provide a catalogue of cloud-based apps that connect people and key equipment together across all technologies and networks.

Mission critical is the essential communications service provision for blue light and pale blue light operations including police, fire, ambulance, security, and the utility sector. All these organisations have demanding communications requirements.

Mission critical delivers instant call setup and instant data messages, both with a greater than 99.999% call setup guarantee even if the carrier infrastructure is congested. This is our definition of mission critical, and a pledge we stand by.

To achieve this grade of service, the network operator must ensure absolute continuity of resources and connectivity for a pre-determined operation area. There cannot be any third-party resources that the network provider cannot fully control.

The TETRA infrastructure is totally owned, controlled, and managed by Entropia meaning that continuity of resource can be guaranteed. Entropia has over 30 years’ worth of experience in voice and data networks. TETRA remains the most popular choice for mission critical services across the world today.

Yes, however for this broadband service to be graded as Mission Critical the end-to-end service and infrastructure must be a private network with all the resources being controlled and managed by either Entropia or by the organisation using the service. There cannot be any third-party resources that the network provider cannot fully control.

No, we do not class it as mission critical, this is because we use partner networks in over 176 countries accessing 500+ tier 1 networks to provide connectivity.

Our provisions rely on our service partner networks to provide connectivity which grades the service as Business Grade. Business Grade communications still provides a high grade of service suitable for many organisations, but with less emphasis on protecting and saving lives.

Yes, ComBus’ catalogue of applications can be used on both grades of network. Only the network they operate on can determine if the use is mission critical or broadband critical. ComBus as such is always mission critical.

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