Entropia & TETRA: The Standard for
Mission-Critical Communication

Entropia are at the forefront of communications infrastructure and
data services, we’re the people behind the scenes who make connections happen.

Entropia & TETRA: The Standard for
Mission-Critical Communication

Entropia are at the forefront of communications infrastructure and
data services, we’re the people behind the scenes who make connections happen.

Mission Critical solutions designed for all situations

Entropia’s TETRA and Hybrid TETRA / Broadband two-way voice and data systems have been specifically designed to provide the optimum service to the professional user.

Entropia independently operates its own voice and data network of over 400+ masts covering an area of over 72.000+ Km2 on shore across Flanders, Brussels and nationwide across the Netherlands with 15.000+ Km2 of Belgium costal & offshore coverage.

Putting the unique needs of our customers first, our critical voice and data communications solutions can be fully tailored to perfectly suit their needs, even those who work in the harshest of environments. The robustness of our devices can reliably operate anywhere and are fully backed up by multiple levels of redundancy including privately owned back-haul and Hybrid solutions providing TETRA and Broadband LTE connectivity.

As we own our own fully managed TETRA network, we can guarantee that there will be no disruption to the service and our mobile two-way radios will connect instantaneously.

Our approved TETRA and Hybrid TETRA / Broadband two-way radios can withstand impact shock and all adverse weather conditions. They also have advanced noise cancelling technology as standard to ensure that the user can transmit and receive clear communications in the noisiest of conditions. For additional protection they are dust and water resistant.

TETRA is a pure digital two-way communications standard specified by the European Standards Institute (ETSI). This assures interoperability between any model of terminal that can operate on a TETRA network. Entropia also provides a range of devices that are hybrid in operation allowing for TETRA and access to Broadband LTE networks enabling seamless operation, and advanced features.

Entropia continues to innovate to always deliver a flawless network for guaranteed availability, and the most robust devices and accessories on the market, that include hybrid solutions for TETRA and broadband.
Entropia guarantees availability and quality

Our own two-way voice and data network of over 400 masts is constantly monitored for your complete peace of mind. we invest, build, maintain, and repair. This allows our customers to focus purely on their core business.


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Mission Critical versus Business Critical?

Compare the difference between our Business Critical and Mission Critical grades of service.

The evolution of smarter

encrypted mission critical
voice & data communication

Our mission critical voice and data communications solutions can be fully tailored to perfectly suit public safety roles, even those who work in the harshest of environments.

Working with professionals and emergency services, it is vital that we provide 100% secure communications. We guarantee that radio communications between individuals and control rooms on any device will be locked down to authorised users only.

The power to deliver: Unique within the communications industry, we fully manage our own network to guarantee an undisrupted service.

Instantaneous, secure and scalable mission critical data

Critical data is crucial for today’s organisations to make informed decisions, predict trends, anticipate problems, maximise opportunities and continue to innovate.

Entropia’s mission critical data communication system provides the technology to enhance business intelligence. Its system’s real-time data transmission ensures the ultimate control to maximise efficiencies, reduce energy usage, and ensure safety for a brighter and cleaner future.

Entropia is active in delivering utility grade communication with dedicated Data. This network provides high speed, reliable data on our fully managed, secure, communications system dedicated to critical national infrastructure.

Committed to support the utilities, security, emergency services, transport and hospitality sectors, and their goals to work smarter and safer, our smart meter offering guarantees the immediate flow of critical data. This gives you ultimate control. To connect, manage and monitor all of your devices.

We own and operate the premium M2M Mobitex network; the first groundbreaking wireless network for mobile data in Benelux.
Our network uses a licensed radio spectrum, we guarantee that it is legally protected against any interference making it safer than GPRS, LoRa and 4G.

With licensed frequencies the customer experiences no hidden costs and is not charged on a traffic-volume basis. FlexNet’s quality does not alter, and operates equally well in rural and urban spaces, sparsely or densely populated areas, residential or commercial properties, and its end-points can be located deep inside buildings, underground or in high rise accommodations.

Connecting everything. Anywhere. Our system provides organisations with a competitive advantage through the sending and receiving of real-time critical data securely and reliably.

The Entropia network is an industry respected communication system established to support mission critical IoT. Its smart meter offering has been designed to be flexible to suit a customer’s individual business case and requirements. Entropia provides high-speed, reliable, scalable and secure data via long range radio and has been optimised for smart metering and smart grid applications. For smart meters to send and receive data effectively, and in real-time, the communication network it relies on must be flawless. Operating on Entropia’s dedicated radio spectrum, FlexNet’s customers experience these exclusive benefits:

Protected by law from interference:
You gain 100% control of all data transmissions received and sent.

Guarantees secure transmission of critical data:
Its end-to-end application layer encryption keeps all data safe.

It has been engineered to integrate with your existing infrastructure:
This allows our customers to create their own customisable applications.

Highest transmission power and range:
Our base stations and two-way end-points transmit up to tens of watts.

Designed for high service level agreements:
The network regularly achieves over 99% performance at ranges up to 5km in urban areas and 20km in rural areas.

Improves operational efficiencies:
Providing complete control, you can identify issues immediately, such as tampering, leaks, outages, etc.

Meeting today’s demands for

reliable coverage & signal
In-building solution

Entropia applies their extensive digital communication experience to design in-door coverage systems to meet the specific needs of their customers.

Entropia guarantees high speed, flawless coverage no matter the users' location. From an office stairwell to an underground tunnel, our innovative in-building wireless technology has the power to keep everyone connected.

The additional technology we provide to ensure reliable connectivity in such environments consists of repeaters to boost the signal range with DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems).

Technology to streamline efficiencies, increase safety and better protect the environment

By embracing all technologies that are now available to us, and exploring ways to optimise them, we can bring people together at all times without compromise.

We are committed to deliver super-fast, reliable communications and data for a better world. Our innovations connect individuals, control rooms and groups of people to protect lives. And through monitoring capabilities we also support a greener planet. Working with professionals and emergency services, it is vital that we provide 100% secure communications. We guarantee that radio communications between individuals and control rooms on any device will be locked down to authorised users only.

Mission Critical TETRA

Subscription Plans

Empowering every sector

Our subscriptions are available in four packages with increasing levels of functionality.

Entropia mission critical subscriptions can be purchased with or without TETRA subscriber radio devices. You can choose a local subscription LAN (on your business premises) or a wide-area subscription WAN. Based on feature requirements.

Working with you:
No obligation demonstration

Entropia offers a comprehensive suite of communication solutions designed to empower your business and streamline operations. We invite you to experience the benefits firsthand through our no-obligation demonstration.

During the demonstration, we'll showcase Entropia's innovative devices and functionalities specifically aligned with your company's requirements. This personalised approach ensures you gain a clear understanding of how our solutions can directly benefit your business processes and personnel.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of Entropia's offerings. We'll guide you through the functionalities and answer any questions you may have, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Request a no-obligation demonstration today and discover how Entropia's innovative communication solutions can revolutionise your business operations.


Comprehensive Solutions

Explore our Range of TETRA Radios and Accessories

As a leading provider of TETRA communication solutions, we offer a comprehensive selection of high-performance TETRA radios and accessories to equip your team for success.

At Entropia, we understand the critical nature of seamless and secure communication in mission-critical environments. That's why we offer a robust portfolio of high-performance TETRA radios and accessories, designed to empower your team and optimise your operations.

Save costs, and transform business models

Contact us today to schedule a personalised consultation with a member of our experienced customer service team. During this discussion, we will delve into your unique needs and goals, and demonstrate how Entropia's solutions can help you.

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Business Critical versus Mission Critical?

To make it easier to understand our definitions of service we have put together this simple explainer section. But first here is an introduction to our company.

Entropia provides TETRA and Broadband two-way voice and data communication services. Entropia's ComBus & Combonet together provide a catalogue of cloud-based apps that connect people and key equipment together across all technologies and networks.

Mission critical is the essential communications service provision for blue light and pale blue light operations including police, fire, ambulance, security, and the utility sector. All these organisations have demanding communications requirements.

Mission critical delivers instant call setup and instant data messages, both with a greater than 99.999% call setup guarantee even if the carrier infrastructure is congested. This is our definition of mission critical, and a pledge we stand by.

To achieve this grade of service, the network operator must ensure absolute continuity of resources and connectivity for a pre-determined operation area. There cannot be any third-party resources that the network provider cannot fully control.

The TETRA infrastructure is totally owned, controlled, and managed by Entropia meaning that continuity of resource can be guaranteed. Entropia has over 30 years’ worth of experience in voice and data networks. TETRA remains the most popular choice for mission critical services across the world today.

Yes, however for this broadband service to be graded as Mission Critical the end-to-end service and infrastructure must be a private network with all the resources being controlled and managed by either Entropia or by the organisation using the service. There cannot be any third-party resources that the network provider cannot fully control.

No, we do not class it as mission critical, this is because we use partner networks in over 176 countries accessing 500+ tier 1 networks to provide connectivity.

Our provisions rely on our service partner networks to provide connectivity which grades the service as Business Grade. Business Grade communications still provides a high grade of service suitable for many organisations, but with less emphasis on protecting and saving lives.

Yes, ComBus’ catalogue of applications can be used on both grades of network. Only the network they operate on can determine if the use is mission critical or broadband critical. ComBus as such is always mission critical.

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