Mission Critical encryption
for voice and data transmissions

Stay safe with TETRA TEA3 strong security encryption, keeping voice & data secure between a sender and the recipient’s devices.

Protecting sensitive information
from unauthorised access

Stay safe with TETRA TEA3 strong security encryption, keeping voice & data secure between a sender and the recipient’s devices.

The evolution of smarter encrypted mission critical
voice & data communication

TETRA TEA3 is a stream cipher algorithm used for the encryption of voice and data traffic on the Entropia TETRA network.

TETRA TEA3 Encryption is a strong and efficient cipher that provides good protection for voice and data traffic on Entropia’s networks. The open-sourcing of the algorithm has further improved its security, and it is now a more robust and reliable means of protecting sensitive communications.

TEA3 is a 128-bit block cipher with a 128-bit key. It operates on 64-bit words, which are processed in pairs. The encryption process involves repeated rounds of mixing and adding. The mixing operation is based on a simple XOR and shifting operation, while the adding operation involves adding the result of the mixing operation to a constant value. The key is used to control the mixing operation.

TETRA encryption algorithms are designed to provide strong cryptographic protection against eavesdropping and interception.

Key Features of TEA3 on Entropia

High Speed: TEA3 is a very fast stream cipher, making it suitable for real-time encryption of radio transmissions.

Strong Security: TEA3 is a relatively secure stream cipher, and it has not been broken by cryptanalysts.

Hardware Implementation: TEA3 is well-suited for hardware implementation, making it a good choice for embedded systems.

Benefits of Using TEA3 on Entropia

Protects Sensitive Data: TEA3 helps to protect sensitive data transmitted over Entropia's TETRA radio networks from eavesdropping and interception.

Ensures Confidentiality: TEA3 ensures that only authorised parties can access and understand the transmitted data.

Maintains Data Integrity: TEA3 helps to ensure that the data is not corrupted or tampered with during transmission.

Applications of TEA3 on Entropia

Voice Encryption: TEA3 is used to encrypt voice traffic, ensuring that conversations are not intercepted by unauthorised parties.

Data Transmission:TEA3 is used to encrypt data transmissions, protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access.

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