Entropia Investments and ComBus launch new
websites for 2021

As Entropia and ComBus Technologies continue to revolutionise mission and business critical communications for the professional user, its pioneering products and services deserve to be showcased in well-designed, easy to navigate websites.

This global leader in communications solutions has invested in the development of two fresh looking websites to make it easier for their customers to see for themselves the benefits that Entropia and ComBus deliver. But just as importantly, it was an opportunity to share their values and mission.

UK based Graphic Identity Ltd won the project to redesign and produce engaging content for the websites. Graphic Identity’s talented Creative Lead is Phil Taylor who has a wealth of experience working in the communications sector. Before starting his own creative agency, Phil was the Design Director and Chief Operations Officer for a world renowned private mobile radio designer and manufacturer. Understanding the needs of Entropia’s customers, as well as having extensive knowledge of their services and products, allowed his agency to really strike the right balance of technical information with the key messages and insights.

Vercruysse is committed to provide people and organisations with technology that never fails. In turn, this reliability helps businesses to grow, promotes smarter working, supports the development of smart cities, and keeps people safe.

Great customer service and groundbreaking design

As Entropia continue to introduce new technologies to improve on their services, they simply outgrew their previous website which detailed the services of both Entropia and ComBus Technologies. Investing in the creation of two separate websites allows the group to focus on content that the customer wants to see. As the need for telemetry, mission critical communications and the reliance of control room monitoring increases, it’s the right time for ComBus Technologies to take on an identity of its own.

“ComBus Technologies is still very much a part of Entropia and our two companies complement each other perfectly to give customers optimal communications solutions. The websites reflect this strong relationship while allowing both companies to stand proud independently. Knowing that Phil Taylor from Graphic Identity Ltd was leading the project was a great comfort to us due to his experience, skill and background."

Future-proofing the world of communications

Vercruysse has a forward thinking approach to communications. It’s no longer about connecting humans to other humans, it’s also about connecting humans to objects and objects to objects. As Entropia continue to develop their products and services they are better serving our sustainable planet. With the launch of two new websites, the story of their future is only just beginning.

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