GMS, Integrated 112 Control Room System approved on Entropia

The Integrated 112 Monitoring System (GMS) currently supports 112 operators and assists frontline staff by providing a real-time overview of deliverables, with the ability to scale the service for major public order and safety (OOV) incidents.

GMS is designed and suitable for use by emergency services, including police, ambulance and fire brigade. This integrated approach makes it possible to respond decisively and adequately to any incident.

GMS is operated by the Dutch government. Integrations with Entropia's ComBus and 112 government operators were completed in early Q2 2024. GMS connects to Entropia's TETRA communication platform, the ComBus, Entropia network information from call requests is automatically recorded and users on the Entropia network can now resolve and handle police, fire and ambulance incidents.

ComBus connects GMS, another showpiece that excels!

We developed ComBus from the early 2000s. In the meantime, this platform, which is available worldwide as a service, has been used everywhere in control rooms. For more information about the ComBus, see our link

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