ComBus and Entropia help to save lives every day with nearly 99,95% measured values of cases – 100% availability.
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Entropia offers independent broadband connectivity

In 2021 there have been over 8 incidents in the Netherlands where the user had no reliable service for up to nearly 2 days – this was across all GMS networks.

But upgrading and switching the GSM operators from 4G to 5G and converting the old GPRS frequencies to 5G has its risks and is a daunting task.

A simpler way to upgrade and switch

Entropia’s new service enables the user to automatically switch to the best available broadband network. Their profile can then be adjusted independent of a GSM network operator.

This broadband service seamlessly connects to Entropia’s mission-critical TETRA network that operates throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

Entropia radio network with an availability of at least 99.99 percent

SIM packages you can rely on

Entropia Mobile is our range of voice and data, and data-only and machine-to-machine SIM packages, for tailor-made solutions in various sectors, such as retail and logistics.

We offer data products from all carrier networks, that are managed independently through our simple ComBus management portal.

We offer a range of discounted mobile data SIM cards, including unique products, that you can’t buy from other carriers.

One of our most popular products is our ComBus Roaming SIM card that is managed through our easy-to-use management portal.

Our multi-network SIM cards automatically connect to the strongest available signal and maintain connectivity should one or more carrier networks go down.

With ComBus Mobile Manager, partners remain in control. They can order new SIM cards from a single supplier, add SIM cards to data pools, set alerts and monitor user fleet.

This service is priced competitively, has greater flexibility, puts the user in control and guarantees nationwide availability.

Proud to be unique

In conjunction with our TETRA networks, Entropia and ComBus provide services that are critical in the Dutch-Belgian mission.

Our solution enables Entropia partners to compete with the end-user prices of the Mobile Network Operators (MNO) It offers much more flexibility and control. We have completely eliminated roaming costs. For ease, there is only one supplier to contract with - Entropia. To make things even more simple, there’s only one portal for ordering and managing the entire SIM domain – our sister company, ComBus.

Broadband backup solution with Entropia

Thinking about adding a 4G connectivity solution to your proposition? Do your customers ask for it? Or do you want to improve the service and reduce the risk for your customers?

No problem, we’ve the solution.

Entropia provides temporary connectivity while a broadband or Ethernet connection goes live and can also be used as a 4G solution should a primary network go down.

A 4G backup solution is often used to enhance the reliability of primary networks. However, managing 4G can be challenging for the provider, and expensive for the customer.

What you need is an application that work perfectly over Ethernet or broadband. One that works just as well over 4G should the primary network goes down and gives you great value for money.

Our wide range of mobile data SIM cards are suitable for mobile broadband routers and even has its own suite of intelligent plug-and-play connectivity solutions which are easy to manage through the ComBus Mobile Manager.

To avoid roaming charges we share data and add extensions. Multi-network SIM cards from Entropia don't need a site survey to identify which network has the strongest signal, because they’re independent and operate across multiple networks.

Customers also benefit from a presales consultation where we gain an in-depth understanding of their requirements. This enables us to create custom 4G backup solutions, which may require private connectivity (VPN) or support specific applications.

Entropia radio network with an availability of at least 99.99 percent

The public mission critical sector

Public sector health care services and blue light services are being encouraged to 'go digital' and to become more efficient making the most of their budgets. Our aim is to help you provide innovative and cost-effective solutions such as:

Smart devices

Ambulance staff use tablets with 4G SIM cards to access online information about medical and traumatic conditions and treatments on the go. They fill out online incident forms and have access to information about healthcare providers and plans.

Public sector

Police officers can record arrests on bodycams and send data in a live stream to the officers nearby, or to a control room, for review and support.

Smart communication

Ambulance personnel can send patient information electronically to the emergency and accident department, including photographs of the scene. This is useful for traffic collisions, electrocardiogram measurements, etc. to help doctors determine the extent of the injury. This allows hospital staff to prepare for when the patient arrives.

Mobile Forensics

Police use mobile fingerprint systems that allow them to verify the identity of an unknown person in less than a minute against a database of 12 million records. Many police personnel carry handheld scanners connected to their 4G smartphones to do this.

Digital interviewing

Many police forces use digital audiovisual equipment and touch screens for interrogations interviews. These provide valuable recordings for ongoing evidence.

Push-to-talk radio

Two-way radio technology is enhanced by 4G. 4G provides opportunities for partners who are already familiar with the sale of 4G data solutions.

Entropia's solution

Entropia offers private and public sector customers a wide range of 4G data SIM packages, including cost-effective, multi-network roaming packages, all of which can be managed within ComBus Mobile Manager.

Our multi-network SIM cards are independent and always roam to the strongest available signal depending on their current location. The ComBus management portal enables partners to place orders, manage SIM cards, usage and alerts. Data bundles allow partners to price solutions competitively. Private APNs add an extra layer of security by avoiding the public internet.

This latest development allows us to continue with our mission to improves lives.

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