Entropia integrates ComBus Push-to-Talk and TETRA with 4G, 5G and WIFI

The ComBus system consists of an easy-to-use application. ComBus PTT can be easily installed on a smartphone (with or without TETRA capability), and a single user or a group of users can set up for super-fast communication.

In addition, it is also possible to send or receive text messages and multimedia messages. You can stream video images from one point to one user or a group of users with our system too. All call communications can be recorded as standard without having to invest in expensive recording equipment and there is an availability module option so you can easily and quickly see which users are available or not.

ComBus Dispatcher software can be supplied as standard on all the functions described above. ComBus Dispatcher is a simplified, yet complete, control room application with integrated voice communication and card software that can be installed on a Windows computer or tablet or using a Web interface does not require any software installation anymore. Via the built-in cartography it is possible to locate the users based on their GPS position. By pressing just one button, you can define an area on the map (geofencing) and create temporary conversation groups based on the location data of the users within this area.

The ComBus Push-to-Talk solution is a robust and complete system where the smartphone application, control room software, and ComBus server are coordinated in such a way that calls are made in high speed. The platform is fully IP-based and is hosted in a secure cloud environment in our own state-of-the-art data centres. The system is built according to the international 3GPP MCPTT standard and is ready for the 5G evolution. With ComBus PTT, a user can exchange information easily, quickly, and in real-time. This not only contributes to business productivity and efficiency, but it also increases user safety.

A whole ecosystem of devices and accessories is available. These can be used with traditional radios (for example headsets, earphones, speaker microphone, multi slot chargers, etc.). This allows us to make the logical evolution from traditional Walkie-Talkies to our PTT service extremely easy for you.

Voice communication in group:
Communicate with an individual or a group at the touch of a button.
Different call groups can be created within your own fleet.
Listen in to different call groups at the same time.
The control room can create a temporary call group.

Emergency calls

By simply pressing a button, an emergency call is established. The individual in need of assistance is directly connected with the control room. The control room receives a special notification via the ComBus software and the person’s location is immediately shown on the map.

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