Entropia Digital brings Flanders Trunking to the UK ...

Tetra and DMR, hand in hand ...


After the Netherlands and after Flanders, we are looking to another country to invest in a brand-new network based, of course, on the availability of frequencies because this is important. Entropia now has a proposition ready for 200 sites in the UK. Why the UK? Because Flanders and the UK have something with each other: the same mentality, the same language, nearly, the same jokes, Flanders Fields and so on!

We have been looking to the UK in the past, but it was really not the time to migrate because the MPT technology was really growing. The difference in the UK is that you have a lot of radio dealers there a lot of radio partners and Entropia distributes the solution via its partners. So we’ll finance the radios for the customers of the partners, and the partners receive, of course, a commission on the radio per month. So a partner can go very easily to a customer and say, ‘OK, these are the amount of radios’.
Entropia will finance them but the partner can install them, commission them, program them, and sell some options, acces- sories and so on and will receive a nice commission from Entropia.

In the UK you have a lot of local systems, a huge amount of local systems. The problem with your local systems is when a local customer wants to have more capacity or even a wider area of coverage. So for partners who are selling local systems, it is an opportunity for them to offer their customers a wider system and service together with Entropia.

We believe the UK is not used to having wider-area coverage with radio. If you could talk from Southampton to Norwich, for example, this would be a great idea. This is how we did it also in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

The coverage depends on the frequencies and so on, but financial-wise it is already in place that we can roll out a 200-site system. And we know that with TETRA we rolled out a 200-site system in the Netherlands in less than a year, which is more than 40,000 square kilometres. If you calculate 40,000 square kilometres in the UK, it even goes to Norwich and so on. The network needs to be reliable and robust, and especially the switches also need to be redun- dant and some sites need to have some special tricks, but it’s all IP. If you have an IP backbone, it is built-in to be redundant and with our Fylde guys, their second name is Redundant!