Entropia to provide TETRA Radio Communications for the Amstel Gold Race [31/05/2017]

Entropia provided radio communication for the so-called Radio Tour. That is the information provided by jury cars to the media. Among other things, the Dutch Broadcast Foundation (NOS), teletext and the reporter at the finish line will keep track of the progress of the bicycle race. In addition, Entropia also broadcasts on the Radio Tour channel via the VWF frequency of the KNWU. Scanner listeners, motorcyclists and camera people use that channel for their communication. This channel is available throughout the region. François van Laarhoven, Technical Director of Entropia Critical Concepts: "During a classic like this, there is continuous communication. Team leaders want to know who is where jury members give up on the latest state of affairs and journalists try to keep the overview. In this case you need to rely on  a network that is both stable, reliable and fast. With Tetra, which is also used by the Dutch and Belgian police, for example, this is possible. "

- Source: MCCResources

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