Professional business communication

Entropia Critical Concepts, which celebrates its 28th anniversary this year, is a telecommunications network in Flanders, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom intended for professional business communication. The TETRA network consists of more than 410 antenna masts, each mast being connected via digital connections. The network is intended for the professional end-user and is constantly provided with extra capacity. By using the trunking technique optimal radio traffic for speech (IoT) - as data communication is possible between mobile radios, two-way radios and data modems and to a central dispatching point via a highly secure data center.

The Entropia subscription can be purchased with or without an end device and is fully geared to the average consumption per month, the coverage area and the required facilities. In this way, the user can budget his operating costs for a longer period, in advance and without surprises.


ComBus, the alarm dispatching room application

ComBus Technologies is responsible for the development of the ComBus® IoT monitoring center software. Our offices are located in the surroundings of Bruges in Belgium (HQ) and Moordrecht (the Netherlands). Entropia is a mobile telecommunications network in Belgium, the Netherlands and very soon a IoT network which is intended for professional business communication. The system is based on the so-called 'trunking' principle and is reliable, fast and extremely flexible. With Entropia optimal control over the primary business processes is obtained. Communication between mobile end users and between a mobile end user and a central dispatching point is possible, both speech and data.


ComBus Push-to-Talk is a new global service where Entropia is now available offering global coverage services. For more information, please follow our Push-to-Talk section.


Reliable and fast technology

Tetra technology

Entropia is a fully managed 410 locations digital TETRA network (Terrestrial Trunking Radio). TETRA is an open European standard. This technology was initially developed as an application for public order, security services and public environments, but soon saw its application in the industrial field. The system can be expanded at will and is equipped with high availability. Together with the emergency power supplies available, a very reliable network is obtained that will continue to function well in emergencies.

Fast connection

Speed is essential for fleet management and in emergency situations. The connection or construction time at Entropia is guaranteed within 300 milliseconds. This allows the user to communicate quickly and efficiently via voice and data.

High reliability

High reliability is very important as Entropia provides communication within the primary business processes. The Entropia Network Management Center is available 24/7. Due to the multiple execution (high availability), the customer will not experience any reduction of the Entropia services. In addition, the vital parts are equipped with emergency power supplies.

Extremely flexible

The Entropia subscription can be fully adjusted to the average consumption per month, the coverage area and the required facilities. Entropia offers customised solutions within the standard options with options for branch and customer-oriented applications. The user can select his / her own subscriptions and determine for each connection separately which area (s) they should be active in. Depending on the application, he can opt for a voice and data plan in his fleet.


Company Highlights

Entropia has been one of the leading players in the field of mobile mission and business critical communication in Belgium, the Netherlands and soon with IoT in the UK. Entropia also owns a digital TETRA and MOBITEX data network, the first wireless national packet-switched network for mobile data communication in the Benelux. This premium network is mainly used by organisations in the Public Order and Safety, where high demands are mandatary on availability and reliability. In addition to data communication, Entropia also offers mission-critical voice and IoT (Internet of Things) communication with Tetra technology. Entropia has offices in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK where a total of 35 people are employed. The head office is located in Oostkamp, near Bruges (Belgium).


SaaS model with Entropia

The system is based on the trunking principle and is reliable, fast and extremely flexible, with Entropia optimal control over the primary business processes is obtained. Radiocommunication between mobile workers and between a mobile worker and a central dispatching point (the control room) is possible, both speech and data. Security and speed of the Entropia network is crucial. This ensures that only authorised users have access to the network. It is excluded that any user can listen on a channel without being authorised to do so.

As a specialist in digital radio communication, Entropia offers fully managed radio communications on a fixed subscription basis. This means Entropia invests in the infrastructure, builds and maintains it's network. Unforeseen extra costs for maintenance and radio licenses area belonging to the past. In addition, Entropia monitors the network 24/7 and guarantees worry-free communication for your company. Should problems still occur, a phone call to Entropia is sufficient. Our service team is always ready to serve you.



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