Entropia acquires IoT license in Belgium and the Netherlands

Philip Vercruysse announced this week that Entropia are delighted with the news that the decision of the BIPT Council is to grant Entropia a license to operate a public network for the transmission of measurement data.

Philip Vercruysse - Founder

Philip also commented, "There is an urgent need for networks that offer mission and business-critical services in the transmission of measurement data. With its digital TETRA network, Entropia offers a network availability higher than 99.5%.

GSM (The Global System for Mobile Communications) state that NB-IoT networks, as well as networks that use non-exclusive frequencies (868 MHz), cannot offer such high availability. In response, Entropia confirms that the transmission of measurement data will, in most cases, comply with PMR-narrow band frequencies in combination with a TETRA network – this greatly improves the availability and efficiency.

In addition, it must be possible to offer mission and business-critical services for several years. It is not easy to replace sensors and equipment whenever, for example, when a new (broadband) technology is introduced onto the market. The continuity and availability can be secured by using exclusive PMR-narrow band frequencies in combination with the TETRA network of Entropia".

Resulting Benefits:

Very high availability (minimum> 99.5%) Reliability, good coverage and high redundancy Nationwide coverage through exclusive frequencies) Efficient use of narrowband frequencies in combination with TETRA Simple antenna structures Low SAR2 radiation (less than 3 Volts / meter)

Efficient & Green:

Very long battery life (minimum 10 years) Low energy consumption, results in a low CO2

BIPT (Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications) has been the Belgian regulator of the postal and telecommunications sectors since 1991. It was given an independent statute of its own in 2003.

BIPT is the federal regulatory body responsible for regulating the electronic communications market, the postal market, the electromagnetic spectrum of radio frequencies and the radio and television broadcasting in the Brussels-Capital Region.

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