Successful migration of over 1000 two-way radios across Rotterdam

We are pleased to report the migration went well. The system was transferred to the new Entropia network earlier than planned.

After extensive monitoring we were able to start around 7 pm on Monday making the first calls to be answered. Rotterdam and the peripheral municipalities have been using ComBus’ control room system and Entropia’s network for years.

City management keeps Rotterdam's outdoor space safe and clean. With more than 3,000 colleagues, this organisation ensures that the city is a pleasant city in which to live, work and relax. The Public Works, Clean City and Supervision & Enforcement departments are jointly responsible for this as they are area-oriented, with an eye for the rhythm of the city. Craftsmanship is of paramount importance to Stadsbeheer to provide the best results. City management is efficient, sustainable and innovative allowing personnel to always look for improved ways to meet the needs of citizens, companies and visitors.

Supervision & Enforcement

Approximately 325 city guards work at the Enforcement Department. Almost three quarters of all Rotterdam city guards work in a neighbourhood. They make an important contribution to the sense of security of residents. They focus on preventing anti-social behaviour and act when necessary. They hold people accountable for their behaviour and, where necessary, issue fines. They pass on problems that they cannot solve themselves to colleagues within the municipality or to the police. City guards take action against all kinds of nuisance, destruction and pollution in the neighbourhood: waste on the street, dog poo, loitering youth, loose pavement tiles, bicycle wrecks and other things that bother Rotterdam residents. Other duties of city guards are parking control, enforcing environmental violations and the rules in the Rotterdam markets. They also check for illegal occupation and monitor whether catering establishments comply with laws and regulations. They also check whether the Rotterdam taxi ranks are used correctly. In short, city guards are active in a wide area and are committed to improve the standard of living in the city.

Parking facilities

The Parking Facilities Department is responsible for the operation of paid parking in the street and the municipal parking garages. In addition, this department manages the P + R sites and bicycle parking facilities. All parking machines and associated technology and software are kept operational by Parking Facilities.


All activities that are carried out 24/7 are housed in the Supervision department. This concerns supervision, security of municipal buildings and, among other things, the Werkpleinen and Stadswinkels, operational support from a control room to the city guards and remote management of the municipal parking garages, camera surveillance under the direction of the police and operation of the bridges and locks.

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