Vitens and Entropia pilot testing

Vitens has carried out a successful pilot with the FlexNet protocol via the Entropia TETRA-communication network in collaboration with Entropia.

Sensus is a brand of Xylem and a provider of communications technology, advanced metrology and data analytics for the water, electricity and gas industries. With a view to the rapid advancement of connected sensors and devices, Sensus has developed with Entropia special solutions within the FlexNet communication network for strategically important IoT applications.

The aim of the pilot was to reliably and safely read meters that are difficult to reach due to distance or obstacles. The Leeuwarden pilot was one hundred percent successful and proved the benefits of using specialised communication technology developed for the utility sector.

FlexNet uses a specialised licensed frequency spectrum, deployed and managed by Entropia and ComBus Technologies, that is protected against interference from other networks and equipment. Unlike IoT networks that use an unlicensed spectrum, the FlexNet system offers better security and reliability with near real-time data transmission.

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