Communications to ensure events run smoothly

Event safety

Live events are split into phases. There’s the event itself and the setting up and removal of the facilities. Every stage needs to run efficiently, and the safety of everybody involved is paramount.

Eliminate risks by

keeping all personnel connected

Entropia’s communications solutions guarantee the flow of information between employees, volunteers, security personnel and the emergency services.

Our customers in the hospitality sector approach us to supply reliable, high speed, robust communications. We own and fully manage our own network to make sure there is no disruption to service. Mobile networks often cannot cope with the pressure of high demand which can put lives at risk.

Mobile phone coverage during events cannot be relied upon, especially if a crisis should occur. Due to the complexities of setting up event facilities, the number of contractors on site, and the huge crowd numbers at the live event, the use of two-way radios is the ultimate solution.

Our aim is for our customers to manage and host successful and safe events every time. Our network and two-way radios provide instant, reliable, high quality communications enabling individuals to send voice and data information to anyone, anywhere. Reliable communications underpin the success of events, and our flexible systems have been developed to meet your unique needs.

Communications for Events indoors and outdoors

Entropia Butterfly
Entropia Butterfly
Communications enhancing security for event manangment

Entropia Butterfly

Your optimum

safety solution

To ensure safety and security at music events, sport venues, expos, seminars and more, reliable communications is key.

Our solution provides voice and data communications to keep all on-site personnel up to date with schedules, and to alert them of any incidents. We supply robust and user-friendly two-way radios for added peace of mind.

The two-way radios that we supply to our event management customers enables an individual to speak with one other person, a group, or a control room operator. The feature rich devices can also provide data on locations.

Entropia’s radio network is based on the digital TETRA standard developed for the professional user. By applying digital trunking technology our customers benefit from flawless national coverage, and as our network is protected by encryption, your information remains secure.

Depending on the size of the event you may require control room facilities. The ComBus Technologies’ system allows control room operators to communicate efficiently with personnel no matter the device they are using, making it the ultimate flexible solution.

We’re fully flexible. You decide how long you require the two-way radios for, and tell us the coverage area you need. We can also fully integrate our communications solutions to your existing software of mobile phones should this suit your needs.

Communication on location Control room facilities Voice and data communications Reliable national coverage Tailored to your unique needs Tracking feature Complete connection in under 24 hours

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